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May 28

Lynda Weinman Inspires Me In 1984 the Macintosh computer was released with the first graphic user interface. While I was clueless as to the import of this new invention, for Lynda Weinman Co-Founder of it was a defining moment on her delightful and unpredictable road to successful entrepreneurship.

May 30

  Croisette Hotel in Cannes Glitters With Amazing Jewelry This Santa Barbara Jeweler is endlessly fascinated with all that glitters, especially when it intersects with movies! Quoting the Jewelry Insider “Good news, jewelry hounds! More crazy carats were spotted on the Croisette at the 64th Annual CannesFilm Festival! We’re talking Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz, […]

Jan 17

Read on to Get Your Fabulous Jewelry Secrets Rhodium treatment is a rule changer, a look changer and an agent of fabulous-ification for your jewelry! See my previous post: Rhodium Plating, Like Coloring Your Hair Only for Jewelry, for more about what Rhodium is. And why it’s fabulous! In this post, this Fabulous Santa Barbara […]

Dec 17

A Gift Unworn, Then Re-Done, Asa’s Tale Asa (pronounced Osa) was given a gorgeous necklace by her daughter. She loved how beautiful it was. The problem was, she didn’t wear it.

Dec 6

Tie the Knot With Your Pearls I love pearls. I live and do my Jewelry thing in Santa Barbara, right next to the ocean. I’m required by law to love pearls. I love that they’re organic and come from living creatures from the sea. No other gemstone is like a pearl. They’re totally unique. And […]

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