Selection of different sizes of spring ring clasps with a ruler for size comparison

Chain Clasps From Hell

    Taco Dinner Delayed by Crappy Clasps! Does wrestling with frustrating chain clasps drive you to drink? Who hasn’t had an issue with a chain clasp from hell? I’ve had lots of them. There’s nothing more frustrating than rushing to get dressed for dinner at your favorite taco place, and then  wasting time trying…

Pearls too short choke you

Necklace Shorteners and Adapters, Jewelry Tools to Love for Your Long Necklaces

  Ever Get Choked by Your Necklace? I had a fun super long pearl necklace that I bought to double and triple. Boy I loved it till the first time I doubled it. All day I had to grab it as I’d turned my head and when I turned back I was choking. I’d used…

Enhancer bail in 14kt yellow gold with safety catch

Bails vs. Enhancers, From Functional to Fabulous

  Bails are Nice, But Enhancers are Spice! There’s a good chance you already know what a bail is. It’s that little loop thingie at the top of pendants and charms that your chain slides through. Enhancers are similar. They also go on the top of pendants. But there’s a big spicy difference. An enhancer…

Interchangable diamond and white gold pearl clasp.

Versatile Clasp Challenge! The Story of an Unworn Diamond Clasp Set Free

So Many Pearls, But Only One Nice Diamond Clasp! A Story. Sheri showed me her clasp that years ago a wonderful diamond had been taken out of to create a ring. She loved that ring, so that diamond was gone. However she did have a single diamond from a set of earrings that wasn’t being…

Pendant yellow gold Island of Iona cross|Isle of Iona

Give a Jewelry Gift With Detail – The Tale of the Isle of Iona Cross

Putting the Personal in Custom Jewelry Design When J visualized his wife’s future birthday, he wanted to create a gift that would resonate with many facets of his and his wife’s lives together. But especially her passions. C is an Episcopal priest and deeply religious. One of the places they had visited in the past…

Art Nouveau Pendant Close-Up|Art Nouveau Hand Mirror|Finished Art Nouveau necklace from Calla Gold Jewelry|Artist signature on art nouveau pendant||Peggy Croft|Art Nouveau hand mirror and wax sculpture||Intricate Art Nouveau Wax Sculpture||Wax sculpted pansy

Wax Sculpting a Dream Pendant for Virginia

Virginia’s Ambitious Design Idea Have you ever loved a thing of beauty so much that you wanted more of it? Virginia — an art collector, master gardener, and lover of beauty — adored her antique hand mirror and dreamt of having a pendant that resembled it. She worried, though, that the large hand mirror’s intricate design would…