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Jan 30

The Trials and Tribulations of Shopping and Buying Jewelry for Her ~ by Jeremy Gold Question guys: Do you find shopping for jewelry a daunting task? Does the thought of walking into a jewelry store leave you overwhelmed and weak kneed?

Oct 3

Peace on Earth And Look Good! When I was younger—before I was a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer—a friend invited me to fly to Oregon with her to march for peace with her favorite organization. She said to bring a sleeping bag and comfy clothes. We were young and we wouldn’t be staying at the Ritz.

Aug 1

I was recently featured in an MJSA (a leading resource in jewelry making and design) article called Custom Collections- Marketing Custom Jewelry Online.  And I have all of you to thank…so thank you! Peggy Jo Donahue’s beautiful article, (thank you too Peggy Jo!) talks about my use of social media as a way to serve, […]

May 19

Is It Business Networking or Social Hour? This Santa Barbara Jeweler has met many a new client at Networking functions over the  years. Years ago I noticed how easy it was to talk to people I knew. In going regularly to networking events, I’d made a bunch of friends.  The more we hung out happily […]

Feb 11

Going Back to When I Was a Cranky Teenager for This Tale Before my happy life as a Santa Barbara  Jeweler, I tried on a lot of attitudes. Did you? Do the chance encounters with people in your past, echo into who you are today? Well they do with me. Here’s one of my strongest […]