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Feb 7

Your Unchecked Prongs Could Be in the Red Zone Isn’t it annoying that just about the time your ring is the most comfortable it’s ever been and is not catching on any of your clothing, it’s the most likely to be in the danger zone? Sad but true. This Santa Barbara Jewelry Repair Girl has […]

Jan 7

Your Diva Pearls Demand Your Respect Someone asked me the other day, “How come you’re charging me so much to size this pearl ring? Its band is half as thick as the sapphire ring you’re sizing, but it’s more expensive.” “That’s a fair question,” I said. And one I’ve answered many times before.

Dec 10

Rhodium: Why I Love It Rhodium plating is a bit like visiting your favorite hair salon.  Have grey?  Get colored.  Bored with your old shade?  Get colored.  In much the same way, rhodium plating can dramatically transform the look of your jewelry.

Nov 26

Case Study: Sarah’s Faux Pearl Solution Sarah’s Pearl Inheritance Sarah inherited three strands of pearls from her grandmother, Maureen.  Maureen was known for her love of pearls and could more often than not be seen wearing at least one pearl necklace.

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