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Sep 29

The Heartbreak of an Ill-Fitting Ring Do you have rings that spin? Rings that Flop? Rings that jab you because they aren’t in the right position? Do you tend not to wear those rings much? What if it’s your wedding ring? What?!? You’re not wearing your wedding ring? This is For the Girls With the […]

Feb 24

Do you have a ring that hasn’t come off in a while? Have you ever needed to remove your ring? Are you scared to try to remove it because you may find out that you’re trapped and feel claustrophobic about it? Don’t run off to the emergency room just yet. As a jeweler for 31 […]

Jan 13

Costume Jewelry is Still Jewelry, Till You Can’t Wear it Anymore Do you really love a costume jewelry ring you have?  Maybe it was something you bought on a whim and fell in love with it? Did you get a lot of compliments on it? Did you have to stop wearing it after wearing it […]

Nov 25

Having a Tangled Chain is Like Having No Chain at All Tangled chains can live for years in your jewelry box. You reach for that chain and it’s irrevocably joined at the hip to your pearl and chain necklace. You say, “grrr, I need to handle that!” And the years go by. I’m not only […]

Oct 7

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Charm Bracelets Charm bracelets are so full of love and memories and cute little jewelry treasures. That’s the good news. The bad news is they catch on things, rip your nylons, wreck your sweaters, (the ugly!) scratch your key board and get in the way. What’s a […]

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