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Jan 11

How Small, Clear Organizing Boxes Help You Find Your Jewelry I’ve always loved helping my clients organize their jewelry: We find what’s broken, identify the holes in their collection, and see which pieces they aren’t wearing. Peek over my shoulder as I share Pam’s story. Hopefully this will help you identify problems and let you […]

Oct 26

A Beautiful Pendant That Wasn’t Being Worn Irene came to me with a newly purchased pendant that desperately needed an adjustment. The pendant itself was gorgeous – a beautiful, finely-cut tanzanite gem set elegantly into a platinum setting. Her issue was with the short, frail chain that (barely) supported her pendant and made it fit […]

Sep 21

I got Quoted on NPR! I’ve been a long-time listener of NPR.  So when I was contacted about being quoted in an article about the difficulty of removing titanium wedding rings I could not say “YES” fast enough! Check out the article: Titanium Rings Tough To Crack in Emergencies

Sep 29

The Heartbreak of an Ill-Fitting Ring Do you have rings that spin? Rings that Flop? Rings that jab you because they aren’t in the right position? Do you tend not to wear those rings much? What if it’s your wedding ring? What?!? You’re not wearing your wedding ring?

Feb 24

Do you have a ring that hasn’t come off in a while? Have you ever needed to remove your ring? Are you scared to try to remove it because you may find out that you’re trapped and feel claustrophobic about it? Don’t run off to the emergency room just yet. As a jeweler for 31 […]

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