Jewelry Care

Rhodium Plating; Like Coloring Your Hair, Only for Jewelry!

Rhodium plating is a bit like visiting your favorite hair salon.  Getting bored? Add Purple. In the same way you can lay purple over brunette, rhodium plating can cover faded looking white gold and dramatically transform the look of your jewelry.

|Gold plated pin before and after gold plating|(license)

How to Care for Your Gold Plated Jewelry

Platinum, silver, and both 14k and 18k gold are not indestructible. Plated jewelry finishes are even more fragile because of the tiny layer of gold over the base metal. In my thirty six years as a Santa Barbara Jeweler I’ve found that all jewelry is vulnerable to the hard knocks of the physical universe. Rings…


4 Dangerous and Stupid Ways to Clean Jewelry

  I get it, we need to clean our jewelry. I read with horrified fascination of a couple cleaning their jewelry with gas and was flabbergasted. It did not end well. Why did they do it? We may never know. It prompted me to look into the many odd ways people have cleaned jewelry over time.

Real Simple Magazine Article on Gold Jewelry Cleaning with Calla Gold

Do you love Real Simple Magazine? I do. I love their clean, uncluttered modern look, gorgeous photography and great suggestions for solving life’s little questions from the practical to the inspiring.

Jewelry Cleaning With a Polishing Wheel

Professional Jewelry Cleaning Steps and Home Jewelry Cleaning

  We’re Like Magpies and We Like Sparkly Things. Magpies are attracted to shiny objects and are notorious for stealing rings and other jewelry left on windowsills or tables out of doors, which they carry off to their nests! But only if they are sparkly.

Toothpaste to clean jewelry, toothbrush and jewelry polishing cloth

Your Summertime Jewelry Care List

Summer’s Coming and Danger May Lurk for Your Favorite Ring As your Santa Barbara Jeweler, who does your jewelry repairs, you know I’ll never give you a hard time for playing rough with your jewelry. I want you to wear it and love it. My motto is “Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it!” But it never…