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Feb 13

I Get it, We Need to Clean Our Jewelry We all need clean jewelry, I do get this. I read with horrified fascination of a couple cleaning their jewelry with gas and was flabbergasted. It did not end well. Why did they do it? I may never know. It prompted me to look into the […]

Feb 4

Do you love Real Simple Magazine? I do. I love their clean, uncluttered modern look, gorgeous photography and great suggestions for solving life’s little questions from the practical to the inspiring.

Oct 17

The Phone Call Jewelers Never Want to Get My Santa Barbara Jewelry phone rang on a gorgeous palm tree waving day. This Jewelry Designer never likes to hear these words, “It’s Mary, I’ve lost my wedding ring!”

Jun 10

Summer’s Coming and Danger May Lurk for Your Favorite Ring As your Santa Barbara Jeweler, who does your jewelry repairs, you know I’ll never give you a hard time for playing rough with your jewelry. I want you to wear it and love it. My motto is “Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it!” But it never […]

Dec 3

Pearls Are the Movie Stars of Your Jewelry Box Pearls are often referred to as the “Queen of Gems,” in the jewelry industry, both for their beauty, and for their delicate nature. If you want your pearl jewelry to stay beautiful, then treat your pearls like a diva movie star. Find a spot to store […]