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Why Your Fiance Should Be Part of Her Engagement Ring Design Process

Guys have you felt a bit nuts trying to guess which engagement ring design details your fiancé will like the best? Just like you wouldn’t think of buying her a pair of pants, unless you’re psychic, chances are good you won’t easily be able to pick out her ideal ring. “But I’m the Man! Aren’t…

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Broken Engagements – Who Keeps the Ring?

Stop the Presses; Newspaperman Tackles Ticklish Engagement Ring Ownership Subject There sat the email from an East Coast reporter. Subject line: Broken Engagements – Who Keeps the Ring? This reporter wanted a wedding Jeweler’s input on the delicate question: “What happens if an engagement is broken, to the admittedly expensive engagement ring?”

Engagement Ring With Cracked Shank and Rhodium Worn Off

Solving an Internet Wedding Ring Disaster, Before and After

This is a story about a wedding ring disaster… …. with a happy ending. It started on the internet, far far away. Then it got local and transformed into a happy set of wedding rings. Let your Santa Barbara Jeweler tell the tale.

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My Small Diamond is Just Too Small, But I Want to Use it!

What Amy didn’t have. Amy is a gorgeous young mom, with two energetic young boys and a great husband, Charlie. What she didn’t have is a wedding set that works for her.

Wide Band White Gold Semi Bezel and Diamond Ring

How Google Images Can Help You Design Your Wedding Ring

Your Vision, It’s Perfect Have you ever designed something in your mind, but couldn’t describe it adequately to someone else? Like a wedding ring! Mere words can’t always express the details that we’ve conjured up in our minds.

Designing with Antique Diamonds: Kelly and James’ Story

This is a story of how diamonds from Kelly’s grandmother with love, turned into a beautiful wedding set for Kelly and James. Kelly’s grandmother had had a long and happy marriage. I understood Kelly’s excitement about using her grandmother’s special rings. There were two things going on that I wanted to deal with right away…