Engagement Rings

Custom Designed Ring Wax

Wax Carving Explained in Jewelry Design-The Three Types of Wax Model Making for Jewelry

  “Not the Ring I Expected.” That was the gist of the inquiry from a new client about a custom ring he’d had made by a local jeweler. “Are you Calla Gold, the Jewelry Designer?” His voice came strongly through the phone. “Yes!” Old Jewelry Design Gone Wrong Lute was an architect and self-described perfectionist…

Engagement Ring Hand Engraved with Speed Bumps in white gold

Online Wedding Ring Costs vs. Custom Made Wedding Ring Costs

Ronnie recently emailed me, her a picture of a ring she saw on Overstock.com. It cost $795. I had just created a similar custom setting for her priced at $1400. She wondered if she’d paid too much. I compared the two rings. Were they similar? Not really.

Unique shapes in engagement ring with three main diamonds

Lorrie’s Custom Designed Ring Goes National

Before I tell You About Lorrie’s Ring…. As a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer, I’ve been asked how I can design in so many different styles when many Jewelers have a certain style that they stick too. I addressed this very question a year ago when I spoke in New York at the MJSA EXPO. (MJSA…

White Gold Antique Engagement Ring

Restoring Antique Rings with Antique Diamonds for Engagement Rings

  Who do you call when you have an antique ring too worn for everyday wear? Rodney and Taren were referred to Santa Barbara’s Calla Gold Jewelry for antique jewelry restoration after their frustrating experience trying to sort out what to do to be able to wear her antique engagement ring daily.

Mangagement Ring Proposal

Mangagement Rings, Men Your Time Has Come to Look Engaged

I’ve made a number of Mangagement rings. Check out the cutting edge Mangagement rings news, through the eyes of Alan and Maura. Alan turned to me and said, “You know…I feel a little discriminated against. Here we are designing my fianceé, Maura’s engagement ring, which she’ll get to wear for ten months before our wedding,…

Two ring wedding set with contoured wedding band in white gold

No Engagement – What Does the Guy Do With the Engagement Ring?

Severe reality adjustment and serious bummer for a sweet guy. He planned on proposing and giving Candy the ring where they had first met. With the sun setting over the ocean in Santa Barbara, John romantically got down on one knee and asked Candy to marry him. The Sad Ending Part and a New Beginning…