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Why is Rose Gold Plating Funky? Could it be the Copper?

  Melia’s spotty rose gold plating started this conversation. Melia bought a discolored rose gold plated pendant at a sale. She figured she’d just polish it up. She tried various silver and copper polishes and only succeeded in pulling most of the plating off and leaving it splotchy looking. Melia was not happy. I got…

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Engagement Ring Styles: The Eight Most Popular Trends

I recently wrote a guest blog on Engagement Ring Styles for Pure Joy Catering. In typical Calla Gold fashion, I decided to update the blog and share it with you! So you’re ready to tie the knot, but first you need the perfect engagement ring. This can be a tricky process! One of the hardest parts about…

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A One Carat Diamond on a Size 2 or a Size 10 Finger – MySparkly.com Review

“My girlfriend said she loves the one carat size of her best friend’s engagement ring. But Trina is like a size four and my Becky is an eight and a horsewoman. Do I just get her a one carat diamond, or do we scale it up for her size?” Bertram was an engineer and he…

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Rose Cut, Old European and Old Mine Cut Diamonds for Your E-Ring

Morgan loved older cut diamonds and when Randy started pointing out perfectly cut round diamonds and asking her what size she liked, she was not into it. “They’re too glittery and perfect.” She said to Randy. “Do want one of those rough ones?” He looked dubious. “No, I do want sparkle, just not geometric perfection….

cushion cut blue sapphire with diamond halo engagement ring.

Is a Halo Ring the Right Ring For Your Engagement Design?

  Will a halo ring design honor your center diamond or colored gemstone? Before we talk about halos can I share Beyonce’s song Halo? The idea of a halo of diamonds around your main diamond has been around for a long time and is expressed in many different ways.   A halo can make your…

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Diamond Shape – Engagement Choices and Your Hand

Romanced by Your Diamond Shape You may have asked yourself “what diamond shape should I get?” or “will a particular diamond shape look better on my hand?” There are a lot of shape choices, but you might be interested to know a big reason for different shaped diamonds. The raw, out of the ground, diamonds…