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All About Diamond Cut, Technicalities and Common Sense in Diamond Shopping

  In this post, ( third in the 4 C’s series), I will  give you an overview on what you need to know about diamond cut. This should help you keep the confusion away while you’re shopping for your diamond. I’ll get technical with how to read the diamond grading report, but also arm you…

Skull Ring in yellow gold with multi-colored sapphires

Rubies are Red, Sapphires are Blue (and Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Black and Pink, too!)

  Many people don’t know that rubies and sapphires belong to the same gem family, which is called corundum. It’s All in the Family Fun Fact; the source of the name sapphire is the Greek “Saphiros” which means blue. When they figured out that ruby was a corundum they gave it its own name from…


4 Dangerous and Stupid Ways to Clean Jewelry

  I get it, we need to clean our jewelry. I read with horrified fascination of a couple cleaning their jewelry with gas and was flabbergasted. It did not end well. Why did they do it? We may never know. It prompted me to look into the many odd ways people have cleaned jewelry over time.

Red spinel and round diamonds semi halo and baguette diamonds on shank in channel setting

Spinel: Now the Prettiest August Birthstone

  Exciting news to everyone with an August birthday – spinel is now one of your birthstones!  The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and Jewelers of America (JA) decided in June to include it with August’s birthstones. Spinel Joins Sardonyx and Peridot It joins sardonyx and peridot on the official list of August birthstones. JA’s president…

Side view of engagement ring with halo of diamonds

Choosing Your Unique Ring Style – Eight Elements to Consider

  Some people can look at a picture of a ring style and say, “That is what I want!” And it works. But what about the rest of us? Who hasn’t tried on a friend’s ring that looks amazing on them and it just looks “OK” on us? Each of us has our own finger…

Egyptian Coin in Gold

Why Is Gold More Expensive Than Silver?

Silver and Gold As evidenced by price, gold has been considered more valuable than silver throughout modern history. As I write this blog, an ounce of gold costs over seventy-five times more than an equal weight of silver. Why the huge difference?