opal ring in 60's yellow gold design

What is the Mohs scale? Gemstone Hardness vs Durability

Why should you care about the Mohs scale? People ask me about the hardness of gemstones all the time. They know that some gemstones are harder than others, but have no idea how to determine whether amethyst or diamond is the stronger gemstone besides stepping on it or something. This is not recommended. The jewelry…

Tri color gold band

Gold Jewelry Alloys, What’s in Yellow and White Gold?

In the thirty six years I’ve been a jeweler, I’ve been asked, “what is in the alloy mix, (metals mixed into gold for strength and ease of jewelry making,) for white gold and yellow gold?” People have also asked how do the alloys react to skin? The light bulb just went off in my head that…

|Die struck vs cast|Die Struck vs Cast

Die Struck vs Cast Jewelry Which is Best for Engagement?

Die Struck vs Cast Gold Jewelry When I was a new jeweler, I was asked to size a 10kt company ring for a friend. It was my first experience with die struck jewelry. I was expecting it to behave like other rings I had sized. Instead it was very tough and took a lot longer…

PVD plated gold watch band

Gold Electroplating vs PVD Coating

  What’s the Difference Between Electroplating and PVD Coating? Walter came to me a year ago to gold-plate a silver chain he had. After a year of daily wear, the plating was coming off in places. He came and showed me his watch. He was pretty ticked off. He said, “I’ve worn my watch everyday…

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All About Diamond Cut, Technicalities and Common Sense in Diamond Shopping

  In this post, ( third in the 4 C’s series), I will  give you an overview on what you need to know about diamond cut. This should help you keep the confusion away while you’re shopping for your diamond. I’ll get technical with how to read the diamond grading report, but also arm you…

Skull Ring in yellow gold with multi-colored sapphires

Rubies are Red, Sapphires are Blue (and Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Black and Pink, too!)

  Many people don’t know that rubies and sapphires belong to the same gem family, which is called corundum. It’s All in the Family Fun Fact; the source of the name sapphire is the Greek “Saphiros” which means blue. When they figured out that ruby was a corundum they gave it its own name from…


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