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Celebrity Earrings, Reviews; How it Applies to You

Have You Ever Wondered How You’d Look in a Celebrity Earrings Style? Your Santa Barbara Jeweler has chosen three celebs and evaluated why their earrings do or don’t work. This may help you in choosing earrings for yourself. For more info I’ve written an article on face shape and earring style.

Woman looking at jewelry in mirror

How to Choose the Perfect Earrings For You

  “A pair of  perfect earrings does for your face what a nice pair of shoes does for your legs.” Calla Gold Just because you like the design of a pair of earrings, doesn’t mean they will like you or will compliment your particular features.

Aquamarine earrings with halo of diamonds, clip on earrings

You Deserve Fine, Not Fake Clip-on Earrings

Cynthia’s Story Cynthia loved fine jewelry. She especially liked pieces with exotic and unusual gemstones.

lobe wonder on finger tip for ripped earlobes

Wonder Bra For Your Ear Lobes!

Do You Have Torn, Ripped or Long Ear Holes? I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest beauty enhancers in my Santa Barbara Jewelry World. My helpful clients lead the charge to willingly test new and cool ideas.

Jewelry Talking; Do You Know What it’s Saying?

Have You Ever Struggled with Which Earrings Are Best for a Situation? Instinctively, you probably know that those dangly skull earrings aren’t going to endear you to your boyfriend’s mom. You May be Speechless, But Your Jewelry is Talkin’ Jewelry talking is communication. What jewelry you choose to wear really matters.