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Jul 4

  “A good pair of  earrings does for your face what a nice pair of shoes does for your legs.” Calla Gold Just because you like the design of a pair of earrings, doesn’t mean they will like you or will compliment your particular features.

Mar 14

Cynthia’s Story Cynthia loved fine jewelry. She especially liked pieces with exotic and unusual gemstones.

Feb 18

Have You Ever Struggled with Which Earrings Are Best for a Situation? Instinctively, you probably know that those dangly skull earrings aren’t going to endear you to your boyfriend’s mom. You May be Speechless, But Your Jewelry is Talkin’ Jewelry talking is communication. What jewelry you choose to wear really matters.

Jan 31

Announcing the Groovy Ear Button Just a short and happy post from this satisfied Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer! Ear Buttons have arrived! This is an invention only a Jeweler could have made. It’s groovy, because the grooves on the back of it, help keep your clip-on, up on your ear.

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