CZ stone cut in Russia

CZ vs Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Cubic Zirconia is Not the Same as Diamond. Are you Considering a CZ vs diamond as your “Gem” of choice for getting married? Is cubic zirconia on your radar for your engagement ring? You’d save a lot of money…. Do I approve? No! As a passionate wedding jewelry designer I’ll tell you why in technical…

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Crazy Uses for Diamonds, Have You Seen These?

Crazy Diamond Love Leads to Crazy Diamond Uses! I love Diamonds as much as the next gal, but this California jeweler is seeing some crazy uses for diamonds lately. Evidently diamonds aren’t just for wearing on your fingers, wrists, neck and ears anymore.

Canadian Diamonds: A Conscious Girl’s Best Friend?

Guest Post – by Mary Doud of Seattle Diamonds Canadian Diamonds: A Girls Best Friend? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as Marilyn Monroe so famously sang in the same titled movie in her whispery, sexy voice.  Diamonds are shiny, bright, and very sparkly! Nowadays, men are sporting huge diamonds too, so it’s for everyone! …

Moissanite Engagement Ring in white gold

When Engagement Diamond Dreams, Hit Budget Bumps. Options,Ideas and Alternatives

“We really want this design with the three quarter carat size center, but we can’t afford the engagement diamond we want. But if we get a smaller diamond with the thinner band, it won’t look good on my hand. Calla what can we do?” Debbie lamented as we sat together at her kitchen table looking…

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Shopping for Diamond Clarity, How Perfect Does it Have to Be?

Like Men, Few Diamonds are Perfect. Like men, most gemstones aren’t perfect. 99% of the all the diamonds you’ll ever lay your eyes on have flaws in them. Diamond clarity is really interesting to delve into, so come with your Santa Barbara Diamond Educator and check it out!

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Choosing Diamond Color, How to Shop Right for Diamond Color

This is the second in a series from Calla Gold Jewelry about the secrets of diamonds and why women want them. I’ll be focusing in this post 0n choosing diamond color. Diamonds actually come in an array of colors, mostly naturally. Yellow, champagne, cognac and blue color diamonds are currently, hot as firecrackers. For the…