White gold and diamonds pendant made from a wedding ring

What to do With Divorce Diamonds?

As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I get asked often what to do with divorce diamonds. I say redesign with them!  You earned that diamond, regardless of how your union ended.  It shouldn’t sit in a safe or the bottom of your jewelry box. Your diamond should be celebrated in a new way in a new…

Loose princess cut diamonds|Princess Diamond in square prongs on Tiffany style band|Radiant Cut|Emerald cut diamond in ring|Asscher cut loose diamond|Loose Cushion cut diamond|Loose Princess cut diamond|Man's Ring with channel set princess diamonds||diagram of diamond faceting for different cuts.

Diamond Shape vs Cut, Square Diamonds

Shape vs Cut of Diamonds, It’s Not Enough to Know the Shape You Want. Shape and cut are often confused but know this: they aren’t the same thing. If you confuse the two, you may ended up making an unfortunate purchase like Nate did. (See below story) I’m going to explain what the difference is…

Diamond diagram

Good Diamonds vs. Bad Diamonds, Emphasis on Cut

The Four C’s Gone Bad – Diamond Cut As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I had the unhappy task of explaining to Marly and John, a nice young couple, why that center diamond they got online with the great appraisal certificate looked so lackluster. I didn’t like saying it and they didn’t like hearing that it…

CZ vs Diamond

CZ vs Diamond, the Better Engagement Ring Choice

A few months ago I wrote about my opinion, as a jeweler of 31 years, on the topic of CZ vs Diamond for engagement rings.  It drew quite a bit of attention, and the post now has several dozen comments and questions. There were a few interesting comments and questions in particular that I felt…

Scratched tsavorite gem in bezel setting, close up of damaged gem

Diamonds vs. Forbidden Wedding Ring Gemstones

Cracking, Chipping and Fading. Did You Know About the Risks of certain gemstone choices for your wedding rings? Some gemstones seemingly have no business in wedding rings. Some crack too easily and others are too soft. It seems as if some gems scratch with the swipe of a fingernail. Or they practically chip by looking…

CZ stone cut in Russia

CZ vs Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Cubic Zirconia is Not the Same as Diamond. Are you Considering a CZ vs diamond as your “Gem” of choice for getting married? Is cubic zirconia on your radar for your engagement ring? You’d save a lot of money…. Do I approve? No! As a passionate wedding jewelry designer I’ll tell you why in technical…