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Grandma’s Vintage Diamonds vs. New Diamonds, How to Design With Them

“I have seven pieces of inherited jewelry from my Grandma Lolly that I never wear,” Pat said to me one day. “My challenge to you is to design a brand new custom piece of jewelry using all of the old diamonds from my Grandma.” Is there a trick to designing with older cuts of diamonds?…

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A One Carat Diamond on a Size 2 or a Size 10 Finger – Review

“My girlfriend said she loves the one carat size of her best friend’s engagement ring. But Trina is like a size four and my Becky is an eight and a horsewoman. Do I just get her a one carat diamond, or do we scale it up for her size?” Bertram was an engineer and he…

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Rose Cut, Old European and Old Mine Cut Diamonds for Your E-Ring

Morgan loved older cut diamonds and when Randy started pointing out perfectly cut round diamonds and asking her what size she liked, she was not into it. “They’re too glittery and perfect.” She said to Randy. “Do want one of those rough ones?” He looked dubious. “No, I do want sparkle, just not geometric perfection….

All About Diamond Cut, Technicalities and Common Sense in Diamond Shopping

    In this post, ( third in the 4 C’s series), I will  give you an overview on what you need to know about diamond cut. This should help you keep the confusion away while you’re shopping for your diamond. I’ll get technical with how to read the diamond grading report, but also arm…

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Diamond Shape – Engagement Choices and Your Hand

Romanced by Your Diamond Shape You may have asked yourself “what diamond shape should I get?” or “will a particular diamond shape look better on my hand?” There are a lot of shape choices, but you might be interested to know a big reason for different shaped diamonds. The raw, out of the ground, diamonds…

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Spready Table, Old Mine, and Ideal Cut Diamonds – Parts of a Diamond

  The day I started caring about the parts of a diamond was many moons ago. But I like the unusual so my ears perked up the first time I heard my diamond dealer say “She has a ‘spready table.” Yes, just like cars we refer to diamonds as she. My immediate response was “what?”…