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Jul 24

Romanced by Your Diamond Shape You may have asked yourself “what diamond shape should I get?” or “will a particular diamond shape look better on my hand?” There are a lot of shape choices, but you might be interested to know a big reason for different shaped diamonds. The raw, out of the ground, diamonds […]

Jun 5

The Day I Started Caring About The Parts of A Diamond I remember the first time I heard my diamond dealer say “She has a ‘spready table.” Yes, just like cars we refer to diamonds as she. My immediate response was “what?” I took a closer look and noticed that it looked like a carat, […]

Dec 28

­­Are You Worried About Diamond Switching? So are jewelers! It’s a two-way street of worry between us and new clients, but a jeweler with a good reputation would never risk their good standing by taking your diamond. Most people who join the jewelry fold do so because of a dual drive: the love of beauty […]

Feb 23

Divorce Diamonds As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I get asked often what to do with divorce diamonds. I say redesign with them!  You earned that diamond, regardless of how your union ended.  It shouldn’t sit in a safe or the bottom of your jewelry box. Your diamond should be celebrated in a new way in […]

Dec 8

Shape vs Cut of Diamonds, It’s Not Enough to Know the Shape You Want Shape and cut are often confused but know this: they aren’t the same thing. If you confuse the two, you may ended up making an unfortunate purchase like Nate did. (See below story) I’m going to explain what the difference is […]

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