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Jewelry Definition – Sleeper Earrings

There is an earring I call a “sleeper” earring because you can sleep in it. It’s a lightweight small hoop. Its post hinges and snaps closed in a “v” lock. In other words you don’t need a backing on it.

Jewelry Definition – Sizing Bar

The sizing bar is a small, solid section of an eternity ring that can be cut for sizing.

Jewelry Definition – Sizing

Sizing is the process of increasing or decreasing the size of a ring. It’s as simple as that!

Ring showing where the shank is

Jewelry Definition – Shank

The shank is the part of a ring that rests underneath the finger and meets the main part of the design on top. Shanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are important factors in how rings sit on the finger.

Jewelry Definition – Setting

  A setting is any open element on a piece of jewelry into which a gemstone will be set. Settings styles include prongs, bezels, channels, or any other method of holding a gem in place. Definitions on Specific Types of Settings Prong Setting Bezel Setting

Jewelry Definition – Semi-Mount

A semi-mount is a ring in which the main center stone has yet to be set. Typically, the smaller side stones will have been set already.


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