Jewelry Definition – Setting

  A setting is any open element on a piece of jewelry into which a gemstone will be set. Settings styles include prongs, bezels, channels, or any other method of holding a gem in place. Definitions on Specific Types of Settings Prong Setting Bezel Setting

Jewelry Definition – Semi-Mount

A semi-mount is a ring in which the main center stone has yet to be set. Typically, the smaller side stones will have been set already.

Jewelry Definition – Satin Finish

A satin finish is fine, brushed-look type of texture applied to the surface of jewelry. This is a matte finish, but with a more refined look showing just a hint of shine.  

Jewelry Definition – Speed Bumps, Sizing Beads, Etc.

Speed bumps, or sizing beads, are two small balls or curved wires of metal soldered to the lower inside section of ring shanks.

Jewelry Definition – Ring Sizer

A ring sizer is a series of consecutively sized metal or plastic rings. The rings progress from very small to very large.

Jewelry Definition – Ring Guard

Ring guards are small metal strips that stretch across the lower portion of ring shanks.  Their purpose is to hold a ring in place and keep it from spinning or sliding off the finger.