Tiffany Head – Jewelry Definition

The Tiffany head was designed by Louis Tiffany (yes, that Tiffany).  At the time Tiffany developed the Tiffany head, other jewelers were surrounding diamonds with more metal to hold the gem in place. Often, the diamond became overwhelmed by the boxed in type settings.  

Tapered Head – Jewelry Definition

On a tapered head the prongs taper downward and inward, following the contour of the gemstone. Often the gemstone is set higher and seen from above, appears to float. The tapered head gives the ring a feeling of lightness and femininity.  

Jewelry Definition – Synthetic Gems

Synthetic gems have all the chemical and physical properties of natural ones but are created in a laboratory. This is not to be confused with simulated gemstones, which only mimic the visual look of real gemstones.

Jewelry Definition – Superfit Shanks

Superfit shanks open completely, enabling the ring to easily slip on and off nearly any size finger with enlarged knuckles.  A virtually invisible push-button mechanism activates the mechanism.  The Super Fit is appropriate for knuckle-to-finger differentials of over three sizes.

Five Stacking diamond Rings

Jewelry Definition – Stackers

Stackers are sets two or more rings worn together on the same finger. Typically the edges are straight so the different rings fit together seamlessly. Each ring can be set with identical or different gemstones. The rings can be straight or curvy. The widths can vary or be the same. The aesthetic possibilities of stacking…

Jewelry Definition – Square Shank

A square shank is a shank that is square-ish in shape. Theses shanks can range from strongly visible in the design, to a mere touch of square element. Sometimes the inside of the shank has the straighter up-and-down square suggestion and sometimes the square element is only on the outside.