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Nov 12

Gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry is made by coating a less expensive metal with a thin layer of gold. Gold plating can wear off over time, especially on rings that rub against the finger.  It’s usually easy to re-gold plate jewelry. Gold-filled has more gold content than gold-plated jewelry. To learn more about gold plating, and […]

Oct 29

A French clip is a type of earring backing in which an open, wire clip fits over a post and against the earlobe. French clip backed earrings normally prevent the ear from bending downward at an unflattering angle. See: Earlobe droop.  

Oct 22

In flush settings, the top surface of the gemstone and the surrounding metal are both on the same plane. Or close to it. In other words, the gem is “flush” with the surface of the metal.  There are no prongs or bezel settings in  the flush setting style. The tiny white diamonds on the shank […]

Oct 15

In a floating channel design, the gem appears to float above the diamonds. This design is more fragile and is best for a ring worn for special occasions rather than every day.    

Sep 18

  A Finger Mate shank is hinged with an internal latching mechanism that allows it to expand three to four ring sizes larger when opened so that it can slip easily over larger knuckles.

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