Bezel Setting – Jewelry Definition

A bezel is a type of setting in which a vertical rim of metal snuggly surrounds a gemstone to securely hold it in place. The bezel setting was one of the earliest methods of setting gemstones into jewelry. Today, many beautiful and modern designs make use of this type of setting.

Bench or Jeweler’s Bench – Jewelry Definition

A jeweler’s bench is a specialized work table where a jeweler makes and repairs jewelry. Normally, these benches have various drawers that contain the various, necessary tools. Click here to download the jewelry definition glossary, in PDF format. 

Basket head – Jewelry Definition

  A basket head is a type of prong setting for gemstones.  It looks similar to a basket—thus the name. Basket heads provide support and stability for the prongs.  Viewed from the side, basket heads can have one or two horizontal bars or can be quite ornate. Click here to download the jewelry definition glossary,…

Band Aid Repairs – Jewelry Definition

A Band-Aid repair is a repair done to a poorly made piece of jewelry.  Band aid repairs can’t be guaranteed to last.  The problem has to do with the substandard manufacture of the original piece of jewelry. Look at the ring in the picture for an example of a band-aid repair.  If you just have…

Carat: Jewelry Definition

  Carat (with a C) refers to the weight of a gemstone. Abbreviation: ct. Example: 2.30ct emerald ring. Fun fact: Karat (with a K) refers to the percentage of gold in fine jewelry. For more jewelry definitions from your favorite Santa Barbara jeweler, visit my Glossary of Jewelry Design eBook!

Platinum-wedding-bands with hand engraving with leaf motif

Band: Jewelry Definition

A band is metal loop of uniform width.  Classic wedding bands can be made of thin, thick or medium widths. Typically, bands have little or no raised elements, although decorative designs can be engraved or cast into the band. Gemstones may also be set low into the metal. For more jewelry definitions from your favorite Santa Barbara jeweler,…