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Dear Calla

Dear Calla – Is My Scratched Tanzanite Ring Salvageable?

Dear Calla, My purple and blue tanzanite ring was looking really dirty, so I took it to the mall jewelers for a cleaning. They ultrasonic cleaned it, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I was told that it was the best they can do and that the ring is too scratched. Maybe I wasn’t…

Dear Calla – Restore or Redesign an Old Family Ring?

Dear Calla, I’ve got my grandmother’s diamond and ruby ring. It looks like it used to have more detail. I also remember it seeming really pretty when I was young. I considered getting it changed, but my best friend said that if I change it, I’ll ruin its value. Truthfully, it looks pretty wrecked from being…

Dear Calla – Pookers and the Mini Cooper sized Diamond Dilemma

Dear Calla: My fiancé recently gave me an engagement ring. Mounted on it is a diamond the size of one of those Mini Coopers. That’s the good news, Calla. The problem is that it unmercifully slides around my finger, poking my pinky until the little digit threatens to move to the other hand. I don’t…


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