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Aug 21

This Excellent Dear Calla Question Deserved a Big Answer Dear Calla, I have been enjoying reading your website for a few months now and I’ve found you and the ladies who post comments both informative and helpful. But I do not know where to post my dilemma. See I, along with my sister inherited mum’s […]

Aug 9

Dear Calla, My brother has offered to make my wedding ring and I’m having some reservations. He’s been taking classes at the local City College, but he has a habit of starting and stopping things. He tuned my car once and, can I just kindly say, I didn’t have to sell it but….. Anyway he’s […]

Jul 12

Dear Calla, I’m a waiter at a nice sea food restaurant. I like my job and the tips. I’m saving up for my upcoming wedding. To make a short story long, the hostess is the sister of my manager. I’m up for a promotion to head waiter and I’m already doing the schedules, but don’t […]

Jun 14

Dear Calla, One of my screw backs has disappeared. I went to a jewelry store and they had two different types of screw backs and neither one fit. Now I have noticed that my other screw back spins super easily. I thought they were like the safest choice. Now I’m adding this loss to my […]

May 24

Dear Calla, I have a silly question. How is the wedding set properly worn? My first marriage, I had my engagement ring first, then my wedding band. It makes sense that my engagement was on first, so I could just slide  on the wedding band to seal it in. I was told I was wrong. […]

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