Dear Calla

Dear Calla, Jeweler in England Ruined My Antique Knot Ring!

Dear Calla, I bought this beautiful antique knot ring online from England. The only problem was that it wasn’t my size. The merchant offered to have a local jeweler size it at my expense and then ship it. I said yes. I’ve just opened my package and I can’t stop crying, it is just ruined….

Dear Calla, My Brother Wants to Make my Wedding Ring

Dear Calla, My brother has offered to make my wedding ring and I’m having some reservations. He’s been taking classes at the local City College, but he has a habit of starting and stopping things. He tuned my car once and, can I just kindly say, I didn’t have to sell it but….. Anyway he’s…

Dear Calla, Why Can’t I (a Man) Wear an Engagement Ring?

Dear Calla, I’m a waiter at a nice sea food restaurant. I like my job and the tips. I’m saving up for my upcoming wedding. To make a short story long, the hostess is the sister of my manager. I’m up for a promotion to head waiter and I’m already doing the schedules, but don’t…

Dear Calla – Feeling Screwed by my Screwbacks

Dear Calla, One of my screw backs has disappeared. I went to a jewelry store and they had two different types of screw backs and neither one fit. Now I have noticed that my other screw back spins super easily. I thought they were like the safest choice. Now I’m adding this loss to my…

Dear Calla – Is There a Right Way to Wear a Wedding Set?

Dear Calla, I have a silly question. How is the wedding set properly worn? My first marriage, I had my engagement ring first, then my wedding band. It makes sense that my engagement was on first, so I could just slide  on the wedding band to seal it in. I was told I was wrong….

Dear Calla – Puzzled Ring in Peoria

Dear Calla, I wore this ring for years and then I took it off. Why I don’t know. Somewhere in the intervening years it got all messed up. I bent it up trying to put it back together so now it’s really messed up. Should I just get gold credit for it and give up?…