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Apr 2

Dear Calla, I’ve gone to all my local mall stores with my Greek coin and none of their catalogs has a bezel that’ll fit my coin. Plus they look all shiny and perfect and my coin is quiet and beautiful. I just don’t know how to set it so it looks like the museum piece […]

Sep 27

Dear Calla, I wanted to engrave just simple initials on the 2mm band for my wife to be. I was told that hand engraving will not look good. Why is that? Just want Something Simple

Sep 20

Dear Calla, I’ve been married for a year and I’m just now finding your blog about not buying titanium and tungsten for wedding bands. Well, it turns out I didn’t even have to wait for my finger to change sizes to find my wedding band unsatisfactory. I chose it because I liked the Celtic knot […]

Sep 13

Dear Calla, I thought I’d share with you what my husband did when I asked him to take my bracelet to get fixed. Yeah, I’m not wearing that. Can it be fixed? Or will every jeweler I show it to laugh fit to pee his pants like that guy at the mall store? – Wife […]

Sep 6

Dear Calla, I saw for the briefest moment a Duchess diamond on girl at a wedding. I’d never even heard of one? Can you show me a picture of one so I’ll know if it actually that amazing? I can’t get it out of my mind. How do people use them? As a center or […]

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