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Pendant yellow gold Island of Iona cross|Isle of Iona

Give a Jewelry Gift With Detail – The Tale of the Isle of Iona Cross

Putting the Personal in Custom Jewelry Design When J visualized his wife’s future birthday, he wanted to create a gift that would resonate with many facets of his and his wife’s lives together. But especially her passions. C is an Episcopal priest and deeply religious. One of the places they had visited in the past…

Art Nouveau Pendant Close-Up|Art Nouveau Hand Mirror|Finished Art Nouveau necklace from Calla Gold Jewelry|Artist signature on art nouveau pendant||Peggy Croft|Art Nouveau hand mirror and wax sculpture||Intricate Art Nouveau Wax Sculpture||Wax sculpted pansy

Wax Sculpting a Dream Pendant for Virginia

Virginia’s Ambitious Design Idea Have you ever loved a thing of beauty so much that you wanted more of it? Virginia — an art collector, master gardener, and lover of beauty — adored her antique hand mirror and dreamt of having a pendant that resembled it. She worried, though, that the large hand mirror’s intricate design would…


Should You Use Palladium for Your Engagement Ring?

  What is Palladium? Palladium has been used in jewelry making since 1939. It is a precious white metal in the platinum metals group and, as such, shares many qualities with platinum. Before 2004, palladium was primarily used in white-gold alloys and was generally considered too expensive to be used as the primary metal in…

|CAD images of rings|CAD and Finished emerald and diamond ring||Milgrain and hand engraving on a diamond ring Calla Gold jewelry|Two views of Calla Gold Jewelry's Trinity Ring|CAD of Engagement ring and finished ring

Ring CADs Can Look Ugly – Ring Design and Your CAD

Barb and the Ugly CAD. CAD = Computer Aided Design Barb called me when she got the email and said, “I know you warned me that my ring CAD image would not be pretty, but I’m not sure we should go forward.” Barb felt the prongs were too long and wanted to see how the…

Rose Gold With Hand Engraving of Norwegian Rosemaling with Black Rhodium Wedding Band

Rose Gold, the Blushing Gold, For Your Engagement Ring

I’ve talked a lot about yellow and white gold engagement rings in other posts. While I’ve touched briefly upon various types of gold, and how they are made, I felt that rose gold deserved its own post. Rose gold has a little secret that impacts how your engagement ring will perform for you. How About Rose…

Woman wearing a leather bracelet with watch strap like closure. Leather bracelet with gold horses and coins

Client Saves the Day for Her Gold Coin Leather Bracelet

A Father’s Love and a Love of Horses My client Cheryl had a special coin from her deceased dad that she wanted to wear. She also happens to loves horses. I encouraged her to add her love of horses to whatever piece of jewelry we ended up making to make it that much more wearable….