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loose mine cut diamond cushion shaped

Grandma’s Vintage Diamonds vs. New Diamonds, How to Design With Them

“I have seven pieces of inherited jewelry from my Grandma Lolly that I never wear,” Pat said to me one day. “My challenge to you is to design a brand new custom piece of jewelry using all of the old diamonds from my Grandma.” Is there a trick to designing with older cuts of diamonds?…

Illustration of MJSA article on finding your jewelry personality with Calla Gold Jewelry

What is Your Jewelry Personality? Part two – Metal, Width and Height

More Options in Figuring out Your Jewelry Personality This post is part two of “What is Your Jewelry Personality.” If you haven’t read part, read it first. This series is a great way to visually explore your favorite looks and feels in jewelry design. This is a multi-part series that I’ll keep adding to. Let’s…

cushion cut blue sapphire with diamond halo engagement ring.

Is a Halo Ring the Right Ring For Your Engagement Design?

  Will a halo ring design honor your center diamond or colored gemstone? Before we talk about halos can I share Beyonce’s song Halo? The idea of a halo of diamonds around your main diamond has been around for a long time and is expressed in many different ways.   A halo can make your…

|Vintage ring with broken filigree|Antique ring

Antique Ring Restoration Story – Filigree Hearts Re-Made

  When Cheryl finally received the antique ring that belonged to her great-grandmother she loved its intricacy and sweet details. The little filigree hearts were her favorite part. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line one side of the ring with the little hearts had maybe been stepped on. It was badly broken. Great Grandma’s Antique Ring…

Angel Wings on a ring as a design hack|Square shank|Ruby and Diamond large ladies ring|Angel Wings on ring|Straight Shank of a Ring|Square Shank Ring side view|Square shank man's wedding band||Pearl ring with shoulders

Shoulders, Angel Wings and Square Shanks – Big Knuckle Ring Design Hacks

  This is for All the Girls with Big Knuckles. Jewelers are constantly trying to figure out good ways to design jewelry that fits well if you have the kind of a finger that lets Rings spin. I’ll share the top three stop-those-rings-from-spinning solutions and introduce three design hacks that help rings stay put. If…

Beyonce bedecked in jewelry

What's Your Jewelry Personality? Tesla or Beyonce? Part 1

Are You More Like a Tesla, or Beyonce? Seriously we each have our jewelry personality. Sometimes we need to figure it out, but it’s there. It’s kind of a combination of your opinions, lifestyle and sense of beauty. Whether you like simple and spare, or detailed and artistic, there is a ring design out there…


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