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Custom Design

Multi Textured Multi-colored sapphires Ring in yellow gold by Calla Gold

Changing the Texture of Your Ring – Video

  Changing the texture of your ring makes it new and different. Are you a candidate for changing the texture of your ring? You may not even know. From shiny to matte, from smooth to hammered, there are many ways to change up a piece of your jewelry by adding texture to it. I’m sharing…

Unique shapes in engagement ring by Calla Gold Jewelry

What is Custom Design? From Modified Designs to From Scratch Design

Car Customization and Custom Designed Rings What is ‘custom’ anyway? With a little help from my jeweler friend Gary Dawson of Gary Dawson Designs in Eugene Oregon, and founding member of the MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America) Council of Custom Jewelers, let’s talk custom design. Gary says, “It can be confusing. When you order a…

Platinum Hand Engraved Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Engraved Rings – Five Things You Need to Know

  What exactly is ring engraving? My phone rang on a rainy day. A nice guy named Lon said, “My girlfriend Sue wants engraved rings. We were talking about ring styles she likes, because I want to create an engagement ring for her. I haven’t started the design process yet. Do you know what she…

Rose gold diamond ring with black oxidation

Using Oxidation, Black Rhodium and Black Enamel for Black Jewelry

  How Would you Like to Add Intrigue and Depth to a Piece of Your Jewelry? If you’d like a little walk on the wild side with your jewelry, you might like to think about adding the Kiss of Night, (a touch of black), to your precious treasures. Great Jewelers are always experimenting with new…

Engagement Ring with three main diamonds and black rhodium

Black Rhodium Plating, Adding that "Pop" to your Jewelry!

    Rhodium is a very rare, naturally occurring member of the platinum group of metals – making it a very deluxe metal! Rhodium is actually one of the most expensive of the precious metals.  The price of rhodium can fluctuate, but generally an ounce of rhodium can go for roughly $2,500 dollars! It’s extremely…

Interchangable diamond and white gold pearl clasp.

Versatile Clasp Challenge! The Story of an Unworn Diamond Clasp Set Free

So Many Pearls, But Only One Nice Diamond Clasp! A Story. Sheri showed me her clasp that years ago a wonderful diamond had been taken out of to create a ring. She loved that ring, so that diamond was gone. However she did have a single diamond from a set of earrings that wasn’t being…


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