Client Stories

|Picture of gold watch band with center monogram instead of a watch|||oval gold shine pendant||Watch Dog|from watch to bracelet

One Watch Makes Two Pendants and a Bracelet

What Do You Do With a Watch That’s too Small to Tell Time? That is what started this very fun project with Ruth. “I love the watchband itself. I’d love to somehow use it as a bracelet, but it’s too small if I remove the watch. I can’t really use the watch because the numbers…

Inherited Jewelry, Debra’s Story featured on Dr. Oz

A Story of Loss and Inherited Jewelry Debra’s lovely story, which was featured on a previous blog post of mine, caught the attention of Dr. Oz’s magazine, The Good Life. This wonderful re-working of Debra’s mother’s wedding band into a piece of memorial jewelry for Debra to wear was a meaningful project for us both….

WHite Chapel drummer Ben Harclerode

Lovin my Bangin Clients – Base Jumping and Death Metal

What is Bangin? The Urban Dictionary says; Bangin: Short for “Banging” 1. adj. meaning highly attractive (referring to an object or person) 2. adj. meaning high energy, busy, loud, exciting. (referring to music, a party, etc). Bangin, the Opposite of Boring Please allow me to disabuse you of the notion that my job as a…

Man and woman's hand shown framed by wooden heart cut out. Man's wedding band has enamel design

Dream Ring From Across Time and Distance

Sometimes You Get That Call That Will Inspire You When Edbbie called I was twenty minutes from leaving my office for a full day of appointments. He wanted to know if I could possibly make him his dream ring in time for his wedding. When I found out he was getting married in three weeks…

Woman wearing a leather bracelet with watch strap like closure. Leather bracelet with gold horses and coins

Client Saves the Day for Her Gold Coin Leather Bracelet

A Father’s Love and a Love of Horses My client Cheryl had a special coin from her deceased dad that she wanted to wear. She also happens to loves horses. I encouraged her to add her love of horses to whatever piece of jewelry we ended up making to make it that much more wearable….

Toulumne tent cabin

Tight Ring Removal in the Woods – A Camp Tuolumne Story

Tight Ring Removal at 5,000 Feet I was minding my own business, reading a Dick Francis book. The birds were calling, the distant sound of kids playing was a  happy background sound and I felt that happy lassitude you get after a long hike and a swim in a bracingly cold creek. I was at  Berkeley…