Choosing a Jeweler

How to Choose the Right Jeweler For You

At some point in your life jewelry becomes a cherished part of it. For me it was the horse pin my grandmother gave me when I was ten. I really wanted a real horse, but that pin let me know that she understood me and supported my crazy horse love. I cherished that pin and…

Personal Jeweler showing client to use a loupe

A Real Jeweler vs a Jewelry Counter Clerk for Your Engagement Ring

Marla’s Broken Engagement Ring Story I’m a Personal Jeweler in Santa Barbara, and I get questions daily. Recently Marla came to me with her sad story. Her tanzanite engagement ring had cracked. At first she thought her tanzanite was just dirty. Her fiancé sent her to the jewelry counter where he’d bought it to get…

Carpinteria Magazine Winter Edition

How to Choose a Jeweler – 16 Questions to Ask Yourself

Who’s Going to Be Your Next Jeweler? As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I’ve asked my clients, “What do you look for in a jeweler?” If I’ve left out questions you feel should be here for more completeness let me know in the comments section. Now it’s time to ask yourself some questions to help you…

Squinty Eyed Girl|Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring|Heart Pink Sapphire Ring with Special Finishes

What to Look For in a Good Jeweler; Knowledge, Skills, and Likeability

How do you really know if Cindy, manning the store jewelry counter in the mall, is worth her salt? Does she really know what’s best for your twenty-five year old wedding ring? How Do You Find a Good Jeweler? Can Cindy speak intelligently on the strengths and weaknesses of particular engagement rings? How experienced is…

Two ring wedding set with contoured wedding band in white gold

No Engagement – What Does the Guy Do With the Engagement Ring?

Severe reality adjustment and serious bummer for a sweet guy. He planned on proposing and giving Candy the ring where they had first met. With the sun setting over the ocean in Santa Barbara, John romantically got down on one knee and asked Candy to marry him. The Sad Ending Part and a New Beginning…

"Can You Design Jewelry Long Distance?" Ralph’s Ring Story

  I get asked often, “Calla can you design jewelry long distance for me?”  Just ask Ralph and he’d say “yes!”