Woman wearing a leather bracelet with watch strap like closure. Leather bracelet with gold horses and coins

Client Saves the Day for Her Gold Coin Leather Bracelet

A Father’s Love and a Love of Horses My client Cheryl had a special coin from her deceased dad that she wanted to wear. She also happens to loves horses. I encouraged her to add her love of horses to whatever piece of jewelry we ended up making to make it that much more wearable….

Opal bracelet in silver with purple sapphires. All bezel set with oxidation.

Old vs New: Changing an Out-dated Opal Ring Into a Fabulous Opal Bracelet

It’s the Story of an Opal Bracelet Cheryl inherited a ring with opals that wasn’t really her cup of tea. Yet, the opals had been her mother’s and she wanted to wear them to remember her. As a redesigning jeweler I ¬†will share the steps of this jewelry makeover project.