Antique or Inherited Jewelry

Inherited Jewelry, From Unworn to Cherished, Debra’s Story

  What to do with inherited jewelry? When Debra was fifteen years old, her mom died. The one piece of jewelry she had from her mom was a small gold wedding band. Through marriage, kids, and travel, Debra always kept it with her. Of all her possessions, this ring from her mom meant the most.

Revitalized Antique Diamond Ring From Great Grandma – Marnie’s Story

When Marnie was young and the mother of two toddlers, her Great Grandmother died and she inherited her antique diamond wedding ring. It had a beautifully cut center diamond that was significantly larger and more sparkly than the one in her wedding ring.

Happy couple at the beach at proposal and close up of rings

Grandma Diamonds, Butterflies and Champagne – Aaron and Tina’s Story

Love has a Symbol and it is a Wedding Ring Aaron calls this photo, “The Best Day of My Life.” My heart melts. There’s nothing this Santa Barbara Jeweler likes more than working with people in love.

Pin to pendant

Inherited Jewelry – Telling Jewelry Stories – Karen’s Story

  Why you need to share family lore. I encourage my clients to plan who to give their jewelry to. The stories that go with that piece of jewelry make the true value of that ring or necklace. I’ve seen women who own $50,000 sets of gorgeous sapphire and diamond jewelry get all excited when…

Designing with Antique Diamonds: Kelly and James’ Story

This is a story of how diamonds from Kelly’s grandmother with love, turned into a beautiful wedding set for Kelly and James. Kelly called me because she had a unique need, heading toward her wedding. She had two rings from her grandmother that she’d been given and wondered how to use them in her wedding…