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May 7

Worn Tires and Broken Ring Prongs When you glance at your Goodyears, your tire tread, it’s pretty easy to tell if they have become worn and need to be replaced. However those delicate  broken ring prongs which get worn daily and go everywhere with you aren’t so easy to check. At Calla Gold Jewelry I understand that […]

Feb 27

Who Do You Call When you Have an Antique Ring too Worn for Everyday Wear? Rodney and Taren were referred to Santa Barbara’s Calla Gold Jewelry for antique jewelry restoration after their frustrating experience trying to sort out what to do to be able to wear her antique engagement ring daily.

Feb 20

Gold Plating Jewelry – One of Those Frequently Asked Questions As the Dear Abby of Santa Barbara Jewelers, I get asked questions about gold plating jewelry all the time. What exactly is the procedure? Can my jewelry be gold plated again? Will it affect my gemstones? Is it worth doing?

Apr 28

Let’s Jump Back into the Fascinating World of Your Ring Prong Repair Choices To Re-cap, in Part 4 of this blog series, Ring Disasters, Part 4 Re-Tipping vs. New Head , your Santa Barbara Jeweler talked about replacing your head (pre-made gemstone mounting) instead of re-tipping prongs. In this installment I’ll talk about what to do when there are […]

Apr 7

What Amy Didn’t Have Amy is a gorgeous young mom, with two energetic young boys and a great husband, Charlie. What she doesn’t have is a wedding set that works for her.

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