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Aug 29

Disaster Struck at Midnight Donna’s pearls broke in the limo during her friend Stephi’s bachelorette party. She’d seen the warning signs, the discolored knots, the uneven gapping between pearls, she just didn’t deal with it. And the little black dress just needed those pearls. So she’d grabbed them, threw them on and dashed out the […]

May 16

  Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s story The phone rang. “Calla Gold Jewelry. This is Calla!” “You said, ‘wear it, don’t warehouse it,’ and I can’t stop thinking about it.” And so this fun project landed in my lap. Sometimes You’re Just “Over it!”

Jan 7

Your Diva Pearls Demand Your Respect Someone asked me the other day, “How come you’re charging me so much to size this pearl ring? Its band is half as thick as the sapphire ring you’re sizing, but it’s more expensive.” “That’s a fair question,” I said. And one I’ve answered many times before.

Dec 17

A Gift Unworn, Then Re-Done, Asa’s Tale Asa (pronounced Osa) was given a gorgeous necklace by her daughter. She loved how beautiful it was. The problem was, she didn’t wear it.

Dec 6

Tie the Knot With Your Pearls I love pearls. I live and do my Jewelry thing in Santa Barbara, right next to the ocean. I’m required by law to love pearls. I love that they’re organic and come from living creatures from the sea. No other gemstone is like a pearl. They’re totally unique. And […]

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