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Dec 26
Mar 20

It Made My Ears Hurt Just Watching Jolee was cradling her phone between her shoulder and neck one day while I waited for her. I could tell she was uncomfortable. It was one of those light-bulb-going-off moments. I asked if the phone hurt her ears. She pointed out how one of her ear holes showed […]

Jun 18

Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-Do Rhonda and I had already met a bunch of times selecting jewelry pieces to define her new executive look. Before I tell you about the coin earrings re-do project, allow me to tell you about the amazing and fascinating Rhonda. I’m Calla Gold and among other duties as a Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler […]

Jan 9

A Funny Story About An Inherited Ring Redesign Marcia, (names changed to protect the lucky) inherited a very large, very ‘yesterday,’ super dressy cocktail ring. It sat unworn and overwhelmingly alone in a safe deposit box; an inherited ring’s   idea of Hell. Happily she met her Santa Barbara Jeweler, me, Calla Gold and we […]

Dec 26

Droopy err, Drop Earrings Gone Wrong You’ve all heard the old stories of the shoemaker’s children running around barefoot. As it turned out, this Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer was suffering from the same problem. My thin ear lobes made many drop earrings look like sad droopy dangly earrings! So I had none!

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