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Carpinteria Magazine Features Calla Gold Jewelry

By Calla Gold

Image of sunset in Carpinteria with cool car light contrails

Cover of the Carpinteria Magazine Winter 2014

I Love Carpinteria Magazine

It’s a thrill to be featured in the Carpinteria Magazine. They contacted me because they wanted to profile four jewelry makers in the Carpinteria Valley.

I thought I’d share a bit of the fun of being in a magazine shoot with you. Including a few shots from the cutting  room floor!

Gettin’ Real With the Photographer

Joel Conroy Shooting Jewelry, close up

Carpinteria Magazine Photographer Joel Conroy Focusing on Jewels

Everything is so neat and precise in magazines, but the photo shoot can be a bit chaotic.

When the photographer, Joel Conroy, showed up I didn’t know what to expect. He turned out to be an experienced and visionary photographer.

He’s personally full of creative ideas and really put me at ease. Joel creates these mini worlds as I discovered when I went to his website later.

A Micropeek at a Jeweler’s World

The editor suggested that I show who I am as a jeweler for this shoot. Recently I had been looking at this cool magazine for crafters and loved the little micro scenes I saw people creating in the pictures, so I pulled out various things to create a mini scene of things I love and tools I use.

Jewelry book, pottery bust, Jewelers head band magnifier.

My Mini Environment with Dan’s Pottery Self Portait Which I Love, But Doesn’t Look Like Him.

I wanted to show Carpinteria details that would be recognized by readers, like little inside jokes.

My little mock-up included my son’s self portrait from pottery class, which I see all over Carpinteria.

I think making them is a rite of passage. The bust didn’t make it into the shoot, but I’ll share it anyway.

Diamond rings displayed in fruit

Spur of the Moment Ring Displays. They Didn’t Make the Cut. Yeah, I’m Punning You!

Rings in Fruit, Right? And I Plug the Avocado Festival!

Knowing I was supposed to show my jewelry designs I decided to not use any of my normal ring displays.

I’m a designer I thought, surely I can come up with something more interesting!

I decided to put jewelry in fruit as a cool display. The avocado was too unripe to cooperate which is too bad as we, in Carpinteria, grow avocados and love them so much that we celebrate with a yearly Avocado Festival.

As an aside, the best festival food I’ve ever had is at the Avocado Festival! And it has more music than most festivals, 75 acts this year! All free! And is a lot of fun. They even have a doggie day care for festival goers! I love Carpinteria!

Two rings designed by Calla Gold Jewelry

This is One of the Pictures From the Article Showing off Recent Designs

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

A beautiful quartz crystal had to join the fun because quartz is a gem I’ve used a lot in my years of designing. Quartz is the gem family that amethyst, citrine and rose quartz come from.

Then I pulled my ring saw, for sawing off too-small rings, my gem pliers, my magnification loupe and other jewelers tools. They didn’t all make the cut, but they are a few of my favorite things.

They Do it Right

Carpinteria Magazine Winter Edition, Jewelers on Exhibit

A Teaser Peek at the Article

When the Winter issue of Carpinteria Magazine hit my hand,

Carpinteria magazine title page for jewelry article

Here’s the Title Page. Check out the Whole Article in the Magazine or Online.

hot off the presses,  I read it ads and all. It is a gorgeous magazine.  The article about the jewelers starts on page 67.  You can read it online by clicking here.

I’m just so pleased to be in Carpinteria Magazine and wanted to expand on the experience and share it with you.

Happy Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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  1. I love that you got featured in Carpinteria Magazine. That is such a pretty magazine. I love the jewelry featured! Keep up your good design work Calla!

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