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A Jeweler at the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara

By Calla Gold

video of Women's Festival Speakers

Emceeing at the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara

Thank You United Nations

Did you know – “Women are half of the world’s people. We do two thirds of the world’s work. We earn one tenth of the world’s income and own one hundredth of the world’s property.” United Nations.

In 1997 the United Nations declared March 8th forever as International Women’s Day. As a female owned business owner I love to celebrate International Women’s Day. Today I’ll share how this Santa Barbara Jeweler celebrated International Women’s Day in 2013 at the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara.

Emcee Time

Tama Kieves and Calla Gold

Tama Kieves Keynote Speaker. From Harvard, to Lawyer, to Inspiring Author

I’m a regular attendee to the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara. This year I was asked to Emcee the two midday Keynote Speakers, Anne Doyle Author of Powering Up: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders and Tama Kieves author of Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!

I loved meeting these two powerful and inspiring women. The rest of the day was full of great conversations and chance meetings with interesting women.

Why Share?

I’m blogging about it because I’d like to share how meeting these women effected me as a woman and a jeweler.

Captivated Audience at 2013 Women's Festival at the Bacara

Captivated Audience at 2013 Women’s Festival at the Bacara

I meet women all the time who like me don’t work in the type of business where they get to chat with their co-workers daily and collaborate on ideas. This can be isolating and worse.

You only have your own viewpoint to help you sort out how to handle day to day decisions about expansion and other key issues.

So on this magical day I was encouraged and inspired to go find those other viewpoints, let them fill me up and make my life better! Here’s what I learned!

Tama Kieves: Unleashing Your Calling

Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider Starting Off the Line-up of Ted Talk Like Speakers

Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider Starting Off the Line-up of Ted Talk Like Speakers

From Tama Kieves a Keynote Speaker that I had the honor of introducing, I heard that even if you are outwardly successful doing a particular career and everyone thinks you’re a rock star, it’s OK to change careers to find your happiness. You don’t have to define your success by other people’s expectations.

The thing that stuck with me was when she told of working on her book for about twelve years before self-publishing it. It then got picked up by Penguin Books! It’s now a bestseller!

OK full disclosure here, I have a full-length book on being a jeweler without a store I’ve been working on and sitting on for about ten years. So maybe in two years I’ll pull the trigger and put it out there. Needless to say I was inspired.

Anne Doyle Inspired From Her Deep Bench of Experience

Anne Doyle Inspired From Her Deep Bench of Experience

Anne Doyle: Breaking Down Sex Barriers as a Pioneer for Women in Media

This incredible woman who was a sportscaster in Detroit, changed forever what was acceptable journalistic practice for women when she went to the mat with Tiger’s General Manager Jim Campbell.

When Jim Campbell, told her in no uncertain terms, “Over my dead body you’ll go in our Tiger clubhouse.”She went to court.

Anne Doyle Women's Festival

Anne Doyle was so Personable and Real. She Represents Women Incredibly Well.

In 1979 a New York Federal Court Judge issued the precedent setting ruling that ordered equal locker room access for female journalists. In 1979 Anne Doyle went with her microphone where no female journalist had gone before. Who does that? Who sticks their neck out like that? Knowing it’s going to piss off a ton of people? A leader that’s who.

What Anne has achieved in her life is amazing. She’s author of “POWERING UP! How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders.” I could go on about all she’s done, but I must control myself.

I gotta say this, her message of women getting involved and becoming  leaders was very powerful. She sure does as a City Council Member in her town.

Pamela Jansen Inspiring Us All to Seize the Day.

Pamela Jansen Fun, Inspiring and a Joy to Know. The Poster Woman for  Seizing the Day.

From Coma with 1% Chance to Live to….

Talk about inspiring. I loved meeting Pamela Jansen, author of “How I Became a Fearless Woman.” While driving home December 6th 1978 she was broadsided by a truck. From the jaws of life, to a coma with a 1% chance of survival, she fought back to consciousness and life.

She is a walking miracle and had a message that lifted me up. Little bit of a headache? No biggie, look what Pamela dealt with. Her tale put things into perspective for me.

I was meeting this lively, funny, in love with life woman, who was supposed to be a statistic. Not this woman!

Karen Mulzane-Frye NBA mom and Documentarian.

Karen Mulzane-Frye NBA mom and Documentarian.

An NBA Mom and Filmaker Karen Mulzak-Frye

Karen Mulzak-Frye is an inspiring marketer and filmaker who recently released her film “When Cancer Returns 8X’s,” the story of Mary Schnack, who I knew and mourn the passing of.

Karen is a woman who lives life like three women. Her life is so full of creativity, huge changes and the urge to document that which hasn’t been documented before.

Being the mom of Channing Frye has opened the door to her conversations on film with other NBA mom’s and their perspectives. She just goes for it in a most fun and inspiring way.

I loved her spunk and how she used her expertise in marketing to create her own projects with other people and how she steps into new territory, creating as she goes. Karen inspires me to reach in new ways even if there is no marked path. But to get out my marketing machete and blaze that path to where I want to go.

The Woman’s Festival Honors Performance Art too

All through the day at the Women’s Festival I enjoyed singing, drumming and dancing and the beauty of women in creative motion.

Jo Williams Singing and Dancing Her Way Into Our Hearts.

Jo Williams Singing and Dancing Her Way Into Our Hearts.

Jo Williams is a Drummer, a Dancer and a Volunteer

Jo Williams is a giver. She works with at-risk students in local schools and she works with brain injured people at Jodi House teaching them Yoga. She’s a dancer, a drummer and a black belt.

When she is not dancing her heart out, she is drumming with Lisa Beck’s Djun Djun Mamas and performing with PANZUMO, Santa Barbara’s African fusion drum and dance programs.

When I was young and my single mom dragged me to her various dance classes to the sound of clucking relatives, I found happiness and friendships and the joy of movement as I chased and jumped and imitated the adults.

Seeing Jo living her performance and movement centered life fills my heart with echoes of joy from the past and inspires me to leap forward.

Women's Festival Founder and Board Members

Women’s Festival Founder and Board Members.Patty De Dominic, Stephanie Davis, Eve Briere, Janis Johnson, Tracy Beard and Janet Garufis.

The Woman’s Festival gave me a boost of inspiration, knowledge, and a wonderful experience as an Emcee. Being behind the curtain with the speakers was wonderful.

There were many more wonderful speakers. More than I can share here. I hope reading this makes you resolve to do something special to celebrate International Woman’s Day on whatever day is good for you.

I hope too that the achievements of women around the world feed your heart. May International Women’s Day inspire you to help and support the women in your world.

Me Loving the Day at the Women's Festival in Santa Barbara.

Me Loving the Day at the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara.

I salute you.

Calla Gold
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12 thoughts on “A Jeweler at the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara

  1. Calla Gold is a great emcee. I’m so happy she was able to do her magic at the Women’s Festival recently.
    With her red feathered hat and cheerful introductions she really primed the audience for the speakers with great anticipation.
    Dr. V.

    • Dr. Valerie,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my emceeing. I’ll be doing it again at the Santa Barbara Business Expo at Fess Parker’s in April.
      Your Emceeing Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  2. YOU are a most vibrant turned on and exceptional human Calla, I truly love your presence, smarts and wittiness.
    I’m sure that your presenting/emceeing made that event.

  3. So great to share the day with amazing women like you. I especially enjoyed you backstage in the green room with me before I stepped out to keynote.
    I know that every woman has a powerful dream, and the talent to accomplish it, and I’m committed to making that happen. After all, “if you’re this successful doing work you don’t love, what could you do with work you do love?” (from both my books…This Time I Dance! and also, Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!) Rock on dear jewel of a woman… so glad to have you in my tribe at!

    • Hi Tama,
      It was fun backstage getting to know you Tama and your husband. Hearing your talk was wonderful as you made me laugh, inspired me and really made me think!
      I noticed afterwards that at your author table you were never alone as people came to buy your book and speak with you.
      Calla Gold, Your Emcee!

  4. Calla,
    I was so sorry to miss the Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara this year. However, your description of the speakers and what you learned from them helped me as a writer and speaker to learn how much impact one’s message has on another human’s soul.
    You captured the excitement and wisdom in this article. Thank you for sharing your views and being what I am sure was a stellar emcee. Perhaps you will be the next Golden Globe’s host, that would be fun!
    One final note, get your dang book out there, girl!

    • Jackie,
      Thank you so much for responding to my post about the Santa Barbara Women’s Festival. I realized it wasn’t about jewelry, but had such an urge to share my experience. You made me feel like I did the right thing to cover it in my blog!
      Thanks Jackie.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  5. Calla,
    Thank-you for giving us some insight into what was involved at the Women’s Festival at the Bacara recently. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Festival and have not been able to attend it so far. You brought it to me with your exciting review. They couldn’t have picked a better MC! Catherine

    • Catherine,
      I hope you can make it to the next years Women’s Festival of Santa Barbara. I think you’ll really like it!
      Calla Gold

  6. The Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara was such a great fun and awesome networking event. It’s so much special to have such a wonderful network of women. Thank you Calla for sharing this.

    • Thank you Lynn. I was so inspired by the speakers. Just being in the proximity of all those inspiring women was a heady experience. I loved being a part of it!
      M/C and Jeweler,

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