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Page 4 – Sixteen Questions to Ask Yourself, to Find the Right Jeweler

Page 6 – The Sixteen Steps of Jewelry Design

Page 7 – A Splash of Color in a Diamond Field

Page 8 – Forbidden Gemstones for Wedding Rings

Page 16 – 4 Pillars of a Daily Wear Ring

Page 17 – Comfort Fit for Wedding Bands

Page 25 – Wedding Jewelry for the LGBTQ community

Page 40 – The Second Priority for Your Ring

Page 46 – White Gold vs Platinum

Page 48 – Rose Gold

Page 50 – Titanium and Tungsten

Page 54 – Inscription versus Decorative Engraving

Page 56 – Machine Engraving

Page 57 – Laser engraving

Page 58 – Design Choices vs. Metal Engraving Techniques

Page 65 – Rhodium Plating

Page 66 – Black Rhodium and Dark Alternatives

Page 81 – The Computer – Aided Design

Page 95 – Large Knuckles

Page 103 – Quiz for the Guys

Page 105 – Quiz for the Women