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design your dream wedding book cover

Design Your Dream Wedding Rings
From Engagement to Eternity

design your dream wedding book cover

If you ever dreamed of designing your engagement ring, or have another project in mind, this book will open the door to the possibilities and give you the knowledge and inspiration to see it to life.

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Design Your Dream Wedding Rings book cover

My New Book! I Wrote a Book For You

By Calla Gold | January 14, 2019

I am thrilled to share some news with you. Over the last year and a half I have been working on a new book titled Design Your Dream Wedding Rings: From…

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Jewelry Design Series – Breaking Down Homework for Your Design Idea

By Calla Gold | January 7, 2019

Custom Jewelry Design: You Deserve Your Dream Ring In this article I’ll share with you the most read blog posts I’ve written to help people design their dream ring. Don’t let…

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|Ammonite Gem in Yellow Gold|

"Pierced Through," a Design Element. Is it Right For You?

By Calla Gold | December 31, 2018

Adding Spice to Your Jewelry Design is Fun Cynthia had these awesome Amonites to be set. But she wanted sass, spice and something different. She asked me, “what can we…

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White Gold vs Platinum For Wedding Rings – What’s the Difference?

By Calla Gold | December 24, 2018

This is my big monster of an article on White Gold vs Platinum. If I haven’t covered it here, check the comments. This post will cover whatever it is you…

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Engagement Ring With Cracked Shank and Rhodium Worn Off

Why is My Ring Cracked? Preventing Pinched Fingers

By Calla Gold | December 10, 2018

  When your finger feels pinched, it’s probably because your ring has cracked. My client Sarah called me two weeks ago. “My finger hurts so bad. It got pinched when…

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Three diamond rings made from one inherited ring

Inherited Jewelry – What to Do With Your Inherited Jewelry?

By Calla Gold | November 26, 2018

Your beloved Grandma Lowena passed on. You are past tears and you are moving on with your life.Your lawyer Mr. Pender has given each of the family members pieces of…

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