Nov 5
Multi gemstone ring with smiling woman

Happy with Her New Texture

Changing the Texture of Your Ring Makes it New and Different

Are you a candidate for changing the texture of your ring?

You may not even know. From shiny to matte, from smooth to hammered, there are many ways to change up a piece of your jewelry by adding texture to it.

I’m sharing one woman’s fun texture change and at the end of her story, showing other pictures of texture to inspire you.

Four Reasons to Consider Changing the Texture of Your Ring Continue reading →

Oct 29

Like an Iceberg to the Titanic, Thin Ring Shanks Spell Trouble For You

Whether it’s a pinched finger with a little blood, because of a crack on the bottom of your ring, or a big chunk just broke away, it’s never good when your ring falls apart.

Like a weak link in a chain, the most vulnerable part of your ring is its shank.

Re-Shanking is a fantastic way to extend the life of your beloved rings.

What is a Too-Thin Shank?

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Oct 22

Jupitor 3/4 view

Broken Nails and Jupiter

To break a nail, ladies, is never good. To break a diamond…even less so. Nails grow back relatively quickly. Diamonds…not so fast.

Hmmm, actually not at all. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of chipped diamonds. In this post I am going to suggest six actions you can take with your chipped diamonds.
Even though they’re the hardest natural material this side of Jupiter, diamonds do chip and crack.

“Why do Diamonds Chip?”

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Oct 15
two ring wedding set with 1 ct. diamond and halo of diamonds and diamond band set in 14kt white gold. Calla Gold Jewelry. Wedding rings vs engagement rings

Halo Style Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Band

What Guy is Supposed to Know This Stuff Anyways?

In this post I’ll talk about the wedding rings vs engagement rings difference. I’ll also cover when you wear what and why.

I’ll throw in a little historical perspective too. Just a heads up, goats will be mentioned. To keep it interesting I’ll sprinkle in questions I found when Google-ing “Stupid Wedding Ring Questions!” Continue reading →

Oct 7

Did This Ever Happen to You?

Ever Get Choked by Your Necklace?

I had a fun super long pearl necklace that I bought to double and triple. Boy I loved it till the first time I doubled it. All day I had to grab it as I’d turned my head and when I turned back I was choking.

I’d used one of my favorite jewelry tools, the oval shortener to double it. It turns out that not all shorteners are created equal. And that’s a good thing because my old favorite oval shortener that I was going to brag about kinda failed me big time the first time I used it on this necklace. Continue reading →

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