May 28

The Jewelry Hall of Shame and How to Avoid it

My jeweler friend Casey Gallant, of Stephen Gallant Jewelers wrote this up and is letting me share. This is as good an excuse as any to share pictures of messed up jewelry.

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May 21

He Proposed in the Kitchen

In a world of amazing, theatrical, creative, expensive and elaborate proposals, I loved hearing the story from their lips as Harry and Meghan patch-worked the story of roasting chicken in the kitchen, Harry going down on one knee and Meghan being completely surprised. Was she happy about the proposal and the Royal engagement ring? Harry says, “before I could give her the ring she said, ‘Can I say yes now?'” Big smiles all around.

This proposal story is intensely meaningful to me because Jeremy proposed to me in our kitchen while I was cooking a Dutch oven full of breaded eggplant lasagna, 38 years ago. It makes the memory all the more sweet.

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May 14

Teeth Jewelry, It’s a Thing

Over the last 7+ years of blogging I’ve blogged about almost every jewelry topic out there. This is why it’s always a pleasant surprise when I stumble across something new I can write about, such as my last blog on Engagement Ring Piercings.

I was intrigued to see that yet again teeth are becoming a canvas for bling.  I’m talking about teeth jewelry.

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May 7

Diamond and Ruby Necklace with pearl

Debra’s Mother’s Little Wedding Band

After creating this beautiful memorial piece of jewelry for Debra, which ended up being written about in Dr. Oz’s magazine, The Good Life .

I became interested in what great ideas my fellow jewelers were coming up with to re-purpose wedding bands. Check out all the creativity out there. Continue reading →

Apr 30


Eternity band sizing

What Will My Eternity Band Look Like After Sizing?

The first thing I tell my clients when they ask, “can you size my eternity band?” is that unlike a smooth all-gold area to size as we please, we need to size based on how we can add or subtract gems aesthetically. We will not be able to size to a specific size.

In the pictured example, Brittnie’s eternity band has alternating long baguette diamonds and shorter round brilliant cut diamonds. Each diamond is pretty big. The area of the sizing will not duplicate the pattern she has going.

If we were to make another baguette and round diamond section so you couldn’t tell where it’d been sized, then it would fall off her finger. Adding the new same pattern section of one baguette and one round would add 2 to 3 sizes to her ring.

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