design your dream wedding book cover

Design Your Dream Wedding Rings
From Engagement to Eternity

design your dream wedding book cover

If you ever dreamed of designing your engagement ring, or have another project in mind, this book will open the door to the possibilities and give you the knowledge and inspiration to see it to life.

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Three eternity bands. Two all round ruby eternity bands and ruby and diamond marquis and round diamond eternity band. eternity band sizing

Where Does Rose Gold Come From? It’s Creation and History

By Calla Gold | March 6, 2020

Mother Nature never made rose gold. Chance, early metal mixing societies, and the fever dreams of adventurers, gave us the subtlest of gold colors. Rose gold or pink gold is…

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diamond eternity band, anniversary band and Engagement ring

How Much Does it Cost to Rhodium Plate my Ring?

By Calla Gold | February 28, 2020

Hopefully you were informed when you bought that gorgeous white gold ring that it won’t always look as white or as bright as the day you bought it. Your shiny…

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comfort fit band, White and rose Gold comfort fit band for a man band| with a concave center section, which is hammered and matte finished

Comfort Fit Ring vs. Flat Fit, Wedding Bands for Comfort

By Calla Gold | February 14, 2020

Not all wedding bands are created equal. In fact, there are bands out there parading as wedding bands that are a joke. They look like a wedding band and seem…

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How Laser Ring Welding Fixes Fragile and Unfixable Rings

By Calla Gold | January 18, 2020

  Jewelers get challenged all the time, whether it’s sizing a complicated ring design that wants to resist being worked on, or a ring with a vulnerable gemstone. How your…

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How to Choose the Right Jeweler For You

By Calla Gold | January 9, 2020

At some point in your life jewelry becomes a cherished part of it. For me it was the horse pin my grandmother gave me when I was ten. I really…

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ring sizer for fingers narrow width

How to Figure Out Your Finger Size, Especially You Guys!

By Calla Gold | December 13, 2019

“Calla, a store in Lake Tahoe said Mark was a size 7.5. The company we ordered his Titanium band from said it’s a legit size 7.5. Mike can’t get it…

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