Jun 18

PVD Coated Watch Band

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What’s the Difference Between Electroplating and PVD Coating?

Walter came to me a year ago to gold-plate a silver chain he had. After a year of daily wear, the plating was coming off in places. He came and showed me his watch. He was pretty ticked off. He said, “I’ve worn my watch everyday for seven years and there are only these worn spots on the bottom.” There was a lot of wear on the bottom, but the top still looked shiny and golden. “I had you gold plate my silver chain and I’ve worn it daily and it’s wearing off of the clasp and doesn’t look as shiny as before. Why is that?”

Why indeed? The plating process on your watch band and on your jewelry aren’t the same thing. Let’s look at the differences. Pictured is a PVD coated watch band.

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Jun 11

Could Anything be Cuter than Dogs in Jewelry?

One way busy jewelers stay sane is to include their dogs in their business. This helps with our fitness and it lifts our mood. Putting our dogs in jewelry is irresistible.

Stuart Greenway’s shop dog is Dixie the Jewel Queen. Dixie is a beautiful and sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Pitt mix. Stuart and Sandra have S. Saxon Fine Jewelers in Clifton Park, New York.

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Jun 2
Giant Bolt Cutters Used to Remove Titanium Wedding Band

I’m Quoted in an NPR Article on a Man Trapped in a Titanium Wedding Band Overnight.                                                             Andrej Slalibi and Andrew N. Morritt/Emergency Medical Journal

In this post I talk about titanium vs gold wedding bands and why titanium is a bad choice.

Why be boring I say, so here is a story to illustrate why titanium is a poor wedding band choice for your finger’s safety.

Update: June 2, 2018

A rattlesnake bit a river rafter. He was stuck in his titanium ring at hospital. A jeweler saved his finger. See story at the bottom of the page.

You and Your Titanium Wedding Band in the Woods

Picture this, you’re out in the country having a beautiful day off. You’re walking with the woman you love. Miles away from the nearest small town, clean air with scudding clouds, no sound of airplanes, no electric wires, no cell reception, just good conversation and good exercise. Continue reading →

May 28

The Jewelry Hall of Shame and How to Avoid it

My jeweler friend Casey Gallant, of Stephen Gallant Jewelers wrote this up and is letting me share. This is as good an excuse as any to share pictures of messed up jewelry.

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May 21

He Proposed in the Kitchen

In a world of amazing, theatrical, creative, expensive and elaborate proposals, I loved hearing the story from their lips as Harry and Meghan patch-worked the story of roasting chicken in the kitchen, Harry going down on one knee and Meghan being completely surprised. Was she happy about the proposal and the Royal engagement ring? Harry says, “before I could give her the ring she said, ‘Can I say yes now?'” Big smiles all around.

This proposal story is intensely meaningful to me because Jeremy proposed to me in our kitchen while I was cooking a Dutch oven full of breaded eggplant lasagna, 38 years ago. It makes the memory all the more sweet.

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