Oct 15
two ring wedding set with 1 ct. diamond and halo of diamonds and diamond band set in 14kt white gold. Calla Gold Jewelry. Wedding rings vs engagement rings

Halo Style Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Band

What Guy is Supposed to Know This Stuff Anyways?

In this post I’ll talk about the wedding rings vs engagement rings difference. I’ll also cover when you wear what and why.

I’ll throw in a little historical perspective too. Just a heads up, goats will be mentioned. To keep it interesting I’ll sprinkle in questions I found when Google-ing “Stupid Wedding Ring Questions!” Continue reading →

Oct 7

Did This Ever Happen to You?

Ever Get Choked by Your Necklace?

I had a fun super long pearl necklace that I bought to double and triple. Boy I loved it till the first time I doubled it. All day I had to grab it as I’d turned my head and when I turned back I was choking.

I’d used one of my favorite jewelry tools, the oval shortener to double it. It turns out that not all shorteners are created equal. And that’s a good thing because my old favorite oval shortener that I was going to brag about kinda failed me big time the first time I used it on this necklace. Continue reading →

Oct 1
Enhancer bail in 14kt yellow gold with safety catch, size large

Enhancer Bail in Open Position With a Safety Catch

Bails are Nice, But Enhancers are Spice!

There’s a good chance you already know what a bail is. It’s that little loop thingie at the top of pendants and charms that your chain slides through. Enhancers are similar. They also go on the top of pendants. But there’s a big spicy difference.

Small bail, rounded front for dove pendant

White Gold Bail on Ruby Dove Pendant

An enhancer is a type of bail that hinges open in the back. This means you can open it up and clip your pendant right onto the middle of your large gold, pearl or beaded necklace. And spice it up! Continue reading →

Sep 17

Ear Lobe Droop Got You Down?

I’ve previously talked about plastic disc backs and monster backs as a solution to the dual problem of having earrings point toward the pavement or pull uncomfortably on your ear lobes. And I failed to share my views on black pants. More on that later. Check out my previous post about plastic disc backs and monster backs to support droopy earlobes.

Happily my pal, smart guy Gary, shared with me the concept of Silicone Sliders and sent me a few pair to try out. Gary probably wonders why I kept them for two years before finally reviewing them. Here’s why, read on… Continue reading →

Sep 10
Baguette Diamonds

Link Jewelry Designs Re-Design of Many Baguette Diamonds-Click to Enlarge

Inspiration Strikes Every Day, Bracelet, Pin and Ring Re-Purposed

When my jeweler friend Link Wachler of Link Jewelry Designs shared this epic project of creating four gift necklaces from the jewelry left to his client I was wowed.

Many of my clients show me jewelry like this that they are not wearing. I’ll admit, when I see a ton of tiny baguettes my creative juices can be a bit sluggish. With Link’s inspiration that is a thing of the past.

I’m writing this blog to share ideas of what you can do with baguettes whether designing from scratch or re-purposing your unworn baguettes. Continue reading →

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