Dec 10

Pinched Fingers Are no Fun

cracked shank on engagement ring

This Ring is Not Critically Thin at the Base

Sarah called me two weeks ago.

“My finger hurts so bad. It got pinched when my ring cracked. Why would it crack? It’s not even that worn down.” She asked.

“Thinness of a ring shank, that bottom part that goes around and under your finger, isn’t the only cause of cracking.” I answered.

“Really?” Sarah asked. Continue reading →

Dec 3

A Thin Engagement Ring with Three Perfect Gems at the Center Set’s off Laura’s Youthful Hand.

Engagement Rings: What’s the Best Choice For You?

When you are choosing engagement rings design for your hand, think about what makes you look good, not just what is in fashion.

As a thirty year jewelry designer, I’ve designed for all ages and thinness’s and thicknesses of hands. It’s always fun to help a bride-to-be get that ring that shows her beauty.

Not every bride is 20, and this post speaks of what to look for in engagement rings, and what design helps to make your hand look its best, regardless of your age. Continue reading →

Nov 26

A Gift of Loving Jewelry, Neglected

Your beloved Grandma Lowena passed on. You are past tears and you are moving on with your life.

Your lawyer Mr. Pender has given each of the family members pieces of her jewelry. You received her soldered together wedding set and clip-on pearl earrings.

Hmmm, now what? You can’t wear those clip-ons as they are.

And her ring overwhelms your hand.

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Nov 19
two broken gold rings

Two Views of a Garbage Disposal Eaten Ring

Garbage Disposals vs Rings

Rings fall in garbage disposals. I know it seems like a death sentence for your ring, but really it isn’t.

In this blog I focus on Stephanie’s ring because it talks about damaged metal and inlay, a real double whammy.

I’ve run into about 25 clients who’ve had rings go down the garbage disposal. So I decided to blog about this success story.

I also have added a couple more examples. Continue reading →

Nov 12

What Happens to Inlay Rings When They Get Sized?

Sizing Rings with Inlay

Look at How Close Together Those Baguettes Are

When I got the email asking if I could do an extreme sizing from 7.75 to 4.5 I knew this would be a challenge! (I refer to any sizing over 2 sizes, as an extreme sizing) Whatever it was, if there were gemstones involved it’d be like a dare.

Then I heard channel set and inlay! The gauntlet had been thrown. This was to be a main event extreme sizing. A double whammy of challenging.

It’s not like it can’t be done, it’s just that there are certain eggs you’ll break for that omelette, if you know what I mean.

In this blog post I’ll talk about why sizing with inlay gems is so tough. Continue reading →

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