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Matte Finish, The Straight Man in Jewelry Design

Shine and sparkle are like the punch line in jewelry design. Polished Jewelry is gorgeous, but it’s very brightness can make you miss the point. My husband and I loved  Johnny Carson, yet I see that he needed Ed Mc Mahan as his straight man to make his punch lines sparkle. Shine “Pushes” – Matte…

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Five Ways to Fabulousify Your Jewelry with Rhodium Treatment

Read on to Get Your Fabulous Jewelry Secrets. Rhodium treatment is a rule changer, a look changer and an agent of fabulous-ification for your jewelry! See my previous post: Rhodium Plating, Like Coloring Your Hair Only for Jewelry, for more about what Rhodium is. And why it’s fabulous! In this post, this Fabulous Santa Barbara…

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Homeless and Much Loved Square Gems Get an Amazing New Home

How a Custom Designed Ring was Made – Charla’s Story I’d just left Donna’s house. I had a sack of repairs and re-dos. While juggling my car keys, briefcase and repairs, my cell rang. “Calla Gold Jewelry,” I said. “Charla would like to speak with her ‘Favorite Jeweler‘ about a new project.” Said my secretary…

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Re-Buffed Gem Gets a New Lease On Life – How Gem Polishing Works

    When You Wear it Everyday, You Don’t Always Really See What’s Happening Carol loved her Tsavorite and Diamond ring. It started out like all good jewelry love affairs. All sparkle and joy. But, just like the fact that your car doesn’t run forever without a tune-up and the occasional detail job and waxing,…

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Inherited Jewelry – Telling Jewelry Stories – Karen’s Story

  Why you need to share family lore. I encourage my clients to plan who to give their jewelry to. The stories that go with that piece of jewelry make the true value of that ring or necklace. It may only be worth $300 if they tried to sell it, but to them it’s priceless….

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How Google Images Can Help You Design Your Wedding Ring

Your Vision, It’s Perfect Have you ever designed something in your mind, but couldn’t describe it adequately to someone else? Like a wedding ring! Mere words can’t always express the details that we’ve conjured up in our minds.