Calla Gold

MJSA EXPO: Why Should Jewelry Designers Subcontract Their Work?

Dateline New York: At the  MJSA EXPO 2011 New York and the MJSA EXPO panel speaking experience were wonderful. First I’ll tell you about being on the panel then I’ll tell you the message that really rocked the room.

Aquamarine earrings with halo of diamonds, clip on earrings

You Deserve Fine, Not Fake Clip-on Earrings

Cynthia’s Story Cynthia loved fine jewelry. She especially liked pieces with exotic and unusual gemstones.

Happy couple at the beach at proposal and close up of rings

Grandma Diamonds, Butterflies and Champagne – Aaron and Tina’s Story

Love has a Symbol and it is a Wedding Ring Aaron calls this photo, “The Best Day of My Life.” My heart melts. There’s nothing this Santa Barbara Jeweler likes more than working with people in love.

Three carrot ring really

Carats, Karats, & Carrots

Three words in the title—all pronounced the same. So what’s the difference? I’m here to tell you. The three are completely different and…you don’t want to mix them up. Let’s start with the first.

lobe wonder on finger tip for ripped earlobes

Wonder Bra For Your Ear Lobes!

Do You Have Torn, Ripped or Long Ear Holes? I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest beauty enhancers in my Santa Barbara Jewelry World. My helpful clients lead the charge to willingly test new and cool ideas.

Flattened Ring Prongs - close up

Ring Disasters Part, 1 – Broken or Pancaked Prongs

  Your unchecked prongs could be in the red zone. Isn’t it annoying that just about the time your ring is the most comfortable it’s ever been and is not catching on any of your clothing, it’s the most likely to be in the danger zone? Sad but true. This Santa Barbara Jeweler has noticed…