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How to Figure Out Your Finger Size, Especially You Guys!

“Calla, in Lake Tahoe, at the store they said Mark was a size 7.5. Then they shipped us his Titanium band. He can’t get it over his knuckle. We’re getting married in two weeks!” How did this happen? In this post I’ll tell you how to figure out your finger size reliably.

His and Hers Custom Wedding Rings in the Wild

Guys, And Lost Wedding Rings, Stop the Madness

Men, let’s talk lost wedding rings! Most married guys wear wedding rings. The majority that do never take them off. As a Wedding Ring Jeweler, I’ve noticed that the majority of their wives like this very much. The New York Times did this article on married people who lost wedding rings. Unfortunately a lot of…

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Ring Sizing Cost Explained – What do You Pay More For and Why?

Do you wear rings? Silly question, what woman reading this doesn’t. Chances are you’ve had a little ring sizing experience. Unlike shoes and tires, rings in jewelry stores typically don’t come in assorted sizes—at least not rings in Santa Barbara. If the one-of-a-kind ring in the display case you’ve always wanted is a size 5…

Design Your Wedding Ring – Aaron’s Story

Design Your Wedding Ring A short while ago, graphic designer, Aaron Roessler called me up. In young hip guy fashion, he’d found me, the Santa Barbara Jewelry designer on the internet. He told me he’d finally put ink to paper and drawn up a picture of the dream ring that had been kicking around in…

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it! Redesign Your Unworn Jewelry

Sad Jewelry Survey Results The average woman has at least five pieces of jewelry she’s not wearing. Aggg! This Santa Barbara Jeweler is on a mission to spread the word. Unearth and redesign your unworn jewelry, it’s like buried treasure. Let’s make it special again!

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Fix Your Jewelry!

You Don’t have to be a Plumber to Fix a Ring If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Fix Your Jewelry! Like any other chore, this jewelry fixing jeweler has seen how easy it it to put it off. At some point, though, you just have to bite the bullet and…

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