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Insuring Your Jewelry: To Insure or Not to Insure

I am Not an Insurance Agent I am Calla Gold, an opinionated (and excellent) custom designing jeweler in Santa Barbara. So let’s talk about insuring your jewelry from the perspective of my not trying to sell you anything. Why Am I Talking About Insuring Your Jewelry? What got me doing this post was when my client Hildy…

Real Simple Magazine Article on Gold Jewelry Cleaning with Calla Gold

Do you love Real Simple Magazine? I do. I love their clean, uncluttered modern look, gorgeous photography and great suggestions for solving life’s little questions from the practical to the inspiring.

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Your Jewelry and Airport Security: Do You Wear the Good Gold Stuff?

What about your jewelry and airport security? Can you wear your good stuff? And what about that big costume jewelry (not gold) watch, when you go through airport security? Do you worry that all the gold and platinum in your rings will set off the alarms and get you strip searched in a dingy back…

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Crazy Uses for Diamonds, Have You Seen These?

Crazy Diamond Love Leads to Crazy Diamond Uses! I love Diamonds as much as the next gal, but this California jeweler is seeing some crazy uses for diamonds lately. Evidently diamonds aren’t just for wearing on your fingers, wrists, neck and ears anymore.

Canadian Diamonds: A Conscious Girl’s Best Friend?

Guest Post – by Mary Doud of Seattle Diamonds Canadian Diamonds: A Girls Best Friend? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as Marilyn Monroe so famously sang in the same titled movie in her whispery, sexy voice.  Diamonds are shiny, bright, and very sparkly! Nowadays, men are sporting huge diamonds too, so it’s for everyone! …

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Engraving Your Signet Ring

Engraving a Signet Ring. Get creative! Don’t go ordinary. That’s this engraving jeweler’s advice to those of you engraving a signet ring. If you want to engrave the preamble to the Constitution, your options are limited. If you’re engraving one to three letters, however, you have plenty of room for your imagination to run wild.