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huggie earrings

What Are Huggie Earrings and Why They Are Great

Huggie earrings save time, are comfortable and can be slept in. Basically that’s the blog post. But I’m a chatty gal and have more to say about them. No More Earring Backing Problems Do you have long hair? Has your hair ever gotten wrapped around the post of your earring? Knotted up around the ear…

Silver cuff bracelet, view of opening

How to Put On a Cuff Bracelet

In my never-ending quest to educate people on jewelry, I thought I’d try another instructional video. Putting on a cuff bracelet sounds really simple, but it is not an intuitive skill.  There are three reasons I made this video. First – I very often see people force their cuff bracelets on and off of their…

Little Diamonds Get a Terrific New Life

    I run into clients all the time with small caches of tiny diamonds. Sometimes they’re loose. Sometimes not. Often, the diamonds are set in some ancient—and out of date—piece of jewelry.

Platinum Ring Missing Diamonds and Deeply Scratched|Dents and scratches on Platinum||Scratched White Gold Band Ring|Platinum Hand Engraved Wedding Set With Diamonds

Why Platinum Rings Turn Dull so Fast, And What to do About it!

One of the biggest disappointments for newly married couples is feeling underwhelmed with their now dull plain platinum rings. All they wanted was a plain and simple wedding band with an expanse of shiny platinum. Yummy. Only it doesn’t stay shiny for long. This is not what they signed up for! In this blog I’ll…

The Different Pearl Types, Cultured, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Natural and Shell Pearls

Life was simpler when the only pearls came from oysters. An oyster was opened and there, like a miracle, was a lustrous and beautiful natural pearl. Like a gift from the heavens. Today if you want pearls you need to know the different pearl types. You need to decide if you want real or fake…

Three eternity bands. Two all round ruby eternity bands and ruby and diamond marquis and round diamond eternity band. eternity band sizing

Where Does Rose Gold Come From? It’s Creation and History

Mother Nature never made rose gold. Chance, early metal mixing societies, and the fever dreams of adventurers, gave us the subtlest of gold colors. Rose gold or pink gold is a beautiful color of gold, that on the right skin tones, glows with a warmth. This color of gold elevates some gemstones like no other…