Re-Engraving a Boring Old Tiny Band Ring, Or How Re-Engraving Saved This Ring

Tiny band

Tiny Band Before Fixing and After a Lifetime of Wear

Sometimes Rings Fall Through the Cracks in Life

My client Carol inherited a tired looking tiny band ring. It had wonderful memories because it was from her Grandmother. It had never really seen the light of day since she’d  received it years ago.

She wondered if there was a way to make it look more interesting so it could become a 16th birthday gift to her daughter Faye.

Really Looking at an Older Ring

It did look a bit underwhelming at first. But upon closer inspection it showed that it started its life as a pretty and detailed engraved ring.

I suggested  re-engraving it to the time period it was made in.

Re-engraving done on tiny band ring

This Tiny Band Ring Sings After it was Re-Engraved

Picking the Right Hand Engraver

Before you have this work done on an older ring, know that it will probably need to be hand engraved as  that was the method used fifty years ago and earlier. Here is a cool engraving glossary.

Work with a jeweler who has a good hand engraver who has experience working on older rings before.

Re-engraving shown on tiny band ring

The Side View of This Cool Old Re-Engraved Tiny Band Ring

What a Difference Re-Engraving can Make

Sometimes a ring looks boring and your eyes glaze over and move on to something more interesting. But look again, you might be able to see potential in that boring ring. Look twice.

When her re-engraving was all done Carol said, “Good thing you’ve already sized it for Faye. I’d so wear that now!”

That totally made my day!

Other Before and Afters of Re-Engraving

Re-engraving and restoring a ruby and diamond ring

Re-engraving and restoring a grandma’s diamond wedding ring

Re-engraving an inherited ring with a big change in design

Re-Engraving Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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Linda Menesez

This is so pretty, Calla! I like what it represents for them, and also really like the hand-engraving. Have you rescued many little bands in your day?