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Solving Spinning Stacking Ring Problem with Speed Bumps

By Calla Gold

Stacking Rings, Set of Five

How My Five Stacker Rings Are Supposed to Look

Sad Sack Stackers Story

This Santa Barbara Jeweler loves wearing multiple rings together on the same finger. Do you? In my world it’s called stacking.

In my five ring set, the ring closest to my palm kept spinning. And it was bugging the heck out me! Some of my stackers are eternity bands  and the gems go all the way around. But some have gems only going partway around. This is my story.

BeHaaave Yourself!

The gemstones are supposed to face up and out beautifully…not down and funky! I had this one ring that was wrecking my whole look! It nestled in the area closest to my palm where my finger gets tiniest.

“What do Jewelers do When Their Rings Misbehave?”

The first thing I tried was sizing down the disobedient ring until I literally had to use gobs of hand cream to put it on and take it off. Not only did this hurt, the cream got all over the rings.

The cream attracted dirt and grime, and in no time, my whole batch of stackers was dirty. The gemstones had about as much pizzazz as dull chunks of coal. Back to the drawing board!

This Jeweler Faces the Facts, It’s Not the Ring’s Fault!

It was the extra tiny area of my finger that was the problem. That little area just let my ring sail around.

Spinning ring gets speed bumps

All I Needed was Speed Bumps on my Inside Ring to Solve my Problem

The next thing I did was size the ring back up to its original size and add speed bumps. Yes! Problem solved!


Wait… “Speed bumps,” you ask? “What are those? I thought we were talking about jewelry?”

Defining “Speed Bumps”

Speed bumps are small round “bumps” of gold soldered onto the inside bottom of the shank of a ring.

Spinning Ring Stops Spinning With Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps on My Sweet Thin Little Stacking Ring

The speed bumps grip and help anchor the ring to the finger and keep it from spinning. Over the years, I’ve added many of these little problem solvers to client’s rings with great results.

Once again, I was wearing my Stack of Five. The rings all faced up like they were supposed to and all the gemstones gleamed. I was one happy-stacker-wearing-camper.

Why am I Telling You This Little Story?

Because I love stacking rings and normally my rings work on my fingers, so it was hard for me to recognize that I had a problem. So I thought if I told my story, someone out there with a similar tiny problem could benefit.

Video on Knuckle to Finger Differential

This video will help you to establish your knuckle to finger differential which helps your jeweler to determine if you need one of the large knuckle ring solutions and which would suit your finger and your ring style the best.

So What’s My Takeaway Question for You?

Do you have a misbehaving ring that won’t stay where it’s supposed to? Try speed bumps!

Wear it, don’t warehouse it!

Your Problem Solving Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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Solving Spinning Stacking Ring Problem with Speed Bumps

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17 thoughts on “Solving Spinning Stacking Ring Problem with Speed Bumps

  1. I absolutly love to stack my diamond rings! One of the rings is a half size bigger which fits the thicker part of my finger better. Great idea to a common problem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a brilliant solution! I wear a diamond and sapphire band engagement ring, with a diamond wedding band behind it, and a diamond anniversary band in front of it. And they ALL spin. I’ve asked my jeweler about a solution, and he’s never mentioned “speed bumps” … so I will! Thank you miss amazing jeweler for solving this annoying problem!!

    • Hi Peg,
      As you probably noticed from the pictures, I make the speed bumps to go with the ring and the person’s fingers. Each set is different. I form them and usually use open flame soldering to put them on. If there are heat sensitivity issues laser welding is used. Each set is different. They start at $75.00.
      In your town a good bench jeweler should be able to do this for you.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  3. My knuckle is size 7 and my finger is 5 1/2 my ring size is currently a size 6. What would you suggest? I currently have a hard time putting my ring on and taking it off due to the arthritis I have in my knuckles without a lot of pain but I hate not wearing the one thing that means the world to me.The jeleryer suggested the speed bumps but I’m not sure that it is the correct fix.

  4. I don’t understand the speed bump.
    1. Ring is already hard to go over knuckle.
    2. If you add two speed bumps, it will make it HARDER to GO over my knuckles,

    • Hello Carol,
      That is a very real conclusion. I actually enlarge the ring before putting on the speed bumps. The speed bumps purpose is to let the ring come a bit forward from the base and to anchor into the fleshy part of your finger.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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