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How Much to Have my Enamel Ring Sized?

By Calla Gold

Enamel Ladybug of Cuteness

Enamel Ladybug of Cuteness

Margaret’s Enamel Ring Sadness

Margaret went to her mother’s jeweler George. He was a big loud man who reminded her of her High School principle. He told her, “that enamel ring from your sweet mother can’t be sized as it was made for her more petite fingers.”

Margaret’s inner monologue was, “Are you saying I need to lose weight?” Just what she needed. To be told she needed to worry about her weight when she’d just lost her mother to cancer.

She  said. “Thank you,” And left never to return. And her ring? Shoved into the bottom of her jewelry box with regret and a bit of self recrimination that she wasn’t ever going to be cute and tiny like her sweet mom who had passed.

Was George Right?

Many people will say enamel rings cannot be sized. Translation, your ring can be sized, but the enamel will not survive. The heat from the sizing over an open flame causes the enamel to peel away from the gold.

But George didn’t tell Margaret that. He just said it can’t be done. That is just wrong. What he should have done was to explain to her what would happen, and that it was a challenging process, but not impossible. And perhaps he should have said, “I don’t size enamel rings, but Susan Fair Jewelers up in Barkton does.” Or something that would have been helpful and kind, rather than rude and dismissive.

enamel ring

Enamel Alligator Ring Before Repair

But if the Enamel Comes off, Isn’t That the End?

So what if the enamel peels off? Hasn’t George ever re-applied enamel? Evidently not.

This post was written to share the fact that not all jewelers can size an enamel ring and give it back to you re-enameled.

After Sizing and Enamel Work on Alligator Ring

There are jewelers who can size your ring and re-apply the enamel in color that is at least a similar color tone to what you have.

For more about enameling check out the Ganoskin blog enameling.

Sizing an Enamel Ring for You and the Prices to Expect

If you are interested in the process and the cost, I’m happy to share both with you in this post. The average cost to go up one size on a 14kt  yellow gold enameled ring ranges between $180.00 to $265.00.

If you have an enamel ring that you’re not wearing, perhaps it’s time to pull it out of limbo and get it fixed up and back into circulation.

Enamel ring

Red Enamel Ring. Shown Being Worn With Two Separate Diamond Eternity Bands

Ring #1 – 18kt Enamel and Diamond Band Ring Sized from size 6 to size 7. Cost to Size: $280.00

Once the sizing was done this ring, it needed to be re-enameled. We sized it purposely so one of  the gold spacing areas was a bit larger. It looked nice.

My client had gone over ten years not wearing her enamel rings because she was under the impression that once they were made they couldn’t be re-sized.

enamel ring sized

Green Enamel and Diamond Ring has a Texture in the Gold Under the Enamel that Shows Through

Ring #2 – 18kt White Gold Green Enamel and Diamond Ring Sized from  5.25 to 6.5. Cost to Size: $250.00

We actually sized two rings here. My client had been given two stacking rings. These were made in emerald green to honor her son’s month of birth, which was in May, (Emerald),  fifteen years ago.

By the time he was a teenager they no longer fit. The jeweler she asked to size them sold her an emerald ring instead. She loved the emerald ring, but missed her green enamel stackers. Interestinly enough, when she tried stacking the green enamel eternity bands with her emerald ring, the three looked great together.

I didn’t take a picture of the set. But when I next see her I’ll try to get a snap of them together for you.

enamel ring sized

Rust Colored Enamel with Diamond Butterflies Band Ring Gets Smaller

Ring #3 – 14kt White Gold Rust Enamel with Diamond Butterflies Ring Sized Down From 7 to 5.75. Cost to Size: $195.00

This ring makes a fantastic stacking ring worn with others. It started its life with black enamel. Frances’s mom, who’d always worn her ring with two all onyx thin bands gave it to her. Evidently they broke regularly and her mom had about thirty of them.

Frances loved the look of soft Autumn-y colors, whereas her mother’s taste was starkly dramatic and very black and white. I told her that I could size her gifted ring, but the enamel would be damaged in the process and would need to be redone. She asked if she could have a different color and that’s how she ended up with the pretty fall leaves color.

Blue Enamel ring sized

This Blue Enamel Ring Also Needed Work on the Center, Moving Element

Ring #4 – 18kt Yellow Gold Deep Blue Enamel with Removable Center Element Ring Sized Up from 5.5 to 9. Cost to Size: $510.00

Gina fell in love with this ring and wanted it so bad. One teensy problem, it didn’t fit. It didn’t even come close. She contacted me and sent pictures to ask if she sent it to me if I could size it.

Ooh a challenge, an extreme sizing AND enamel! When I received Gina’s ring I found that the center part was detachable and kinda rattled when you moved it. I’d need to stabilize it, after removing it, completing the sizing and adding the new enamel.

Her ring was wide and thick and needed a good amount of gold in the bridge I created between the edges of the opened ring. Once I completed the process of the up-sizing and added the fresh enameling, it looked fantastic and Gina is now wearing it and looking great in her new ring.

Costs to Size Designer Enamel Rings

This Wellendorf Enamel Ring, Has the Forget Me Not Pattern, Only They can Replicate

There are designers who do super intricate enameling that is their special technique.

The examples in this post and costs do not apply to this type of specialized enamel ring repair.

However, the company that makes it can change it, size it or repair it.

An example of this type of intricate pattern enameling is the Wellendorf Company.

Enamel colors of blue in lettering on man's wedding band

This is an Example of Two Colors of Blue Enamel

What About  the Enamel Ring Sized for Margaret?

Margaret met me through a friend of  hers in Newcomer’s Club about six months after she moved to town.

I’d done some restoration work on her friend’s inherited jewelry and she told Margaret I could do anything. Margaret said, “does she fix enamel rings?” Her friend who I had not done enamel ring said, “sure.” I loved that.

Margaret called me and pulled out her enamel ring and said, “I inherited this ring from my mom. She was about a foot shorter than me and tiny. I love it and I’d love to wear it. Will you fix it?”

Purple Enamel on Purple Heart Ring I Made For a WW II Veteran

“Do you have to have  this exact color?”

“Not really. Actually my favorite color is purple. Mom had it in black and black is not really my thing. I’ve always been more into color than my mom.”

I measured her and sized her ring up two sizes and then had my enamel specialist re-enamel her ring purple.

I loved how happy she was when I brought back her purple enamel ring. With her wildish red hair the purple enamel looked fabulous on her hand. (Sorry, I didn’t take a picture. But her story inspired this blog post. Thanks Margaret!)

Your Enamel Ring Sized up or Down is a Happy Thing!

If you have decided to have an enamel ring resized and re-enameled, I’d love for you to share it with me here.  Make my day and comment to let me know!

Sizin’ Those Enamel Rings,
Calla Gold

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12 thoughts on “How Much to Have my Enamel Ring Sized?

  1. I bet far too many people have been turned away from guys like George. Really great, Calla!

    • Hi Alexandra,
      You are right. I’ve heard a number of stories in my day of people saying, “nope, it can’t be done,” when really they can’t do it or don’t want to bother with it. In fact in the happiness department, I got a review on YELP this month ( http://www.yelp.com/biz/calla-gold-jewelry-santa-barbara?osq=jewelry+design) from a new client who had been turned down by two jewelers for the problem she needed solved. I handled her problem and made her ring really sing for her. Having her share her experience with me online just made my day!!
      I just hope people don’t let the “no’s” of the George’s of the world stop them from asking again and finding the right jeweler for them. Wherever they live.
      Just sayin yes,

  2. Dear Calla,
    I think it’s so sad when something of great sentimental value like an enamel ring has to be put away for good because of misinformation. I’ve seen some beautiful enamel rings in my time.
    Spread the good news that enamel can be repaired and enamel rings sized!

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’m with you that people should know that there is hope for change with enamel rings. Happily I’ve just gotten a call from someone who is pretty over the moon that I can size their enamel ring. Hopefully it will become common knowledge that enamel rings can be sized.
      Thanks for writing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  3. Hello Calla,
    I’ve been to a couple of George type jewelers in my life. It’s nice to hear your message about trying again to get something done.
    Sometimes I assume something can’t be fixed at all because it is old or complicated.
    But I’m not going to make that assumption anymore.
    I have an inherited ring I’m specifically thinking of.
    I may give you a call.

    • Hi Sue,
      I’m so pleased that you’ll be getting more than one opinion and not assuming something older can’t be fixed or re-worked.
      Enjoy your jewelry and I look forward to hearing from you.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  4. The sizing of enamel rings is a good story, Calla. Why do people, and certainly it isn’t just jewelers, say “it can’t be done” rather than “I don’t know how to do it”? For me, that’s the real lesson of the blog post. I liked the enamel lesson, too. As always, thanks for an interesting post.

    • Hi Amy,
      You’ve asked a really great question. I have wondered why people say something can’t be done when clearly it can. But funnily enough sometimes it happens at my house. I say we need to deal with so and so. My husband will say, no, it can’t be fixed, they don’t make that stupid little part, we’ll just buy a new one. I’d say we could figure out how to fix it. I’d get stonewalled, basically because he didn’t want to deal with it, (I’ve done the same thing), so I’d make calls or go online and figure out that there was a real way to deal with it and deal with it. So looking at my little microcosm of a similar situation I can kind of see why someone would say that.
      It’s one thing to do that in your life, where I feel it is really wrong is when someone does it from a position of professional altitude. They shut down someone’s search by grandly stating. “oh that can’t be done” or some such.
      I think they want to be seen as wise and professional and don’t want to admit that they don’t know how to do it. They want to keep the respect and don’t want you going to another jeweler, maybe. I’m not a jealous jeweler and have referred local jewelers to people who inquire about services I do not offer. Many times.
      I appreciate your nice feedback on the enamel topic.

  5. Hello Calla,
    I just sent you an email after reading this topic. My story is identical to others — “it can’t be done”. I look forward to your response and wish you all the best.

    • Hello Natalia,
      Thank you for sending the images of your beautiful ring. Your ring has damage in one area that I can see. We need to remove all the enamel and re-enamel from scratch.
      The color would be as close as possible to your original, but not exact. The colors are hand mixed and you don’t know exactly what you get till it is heated.
      You can respond to my email answer to your query.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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