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How To Copy Engagement Ring Pictures From Google Images

By Calla Gold

Black Rhodium and Three Diamond Ring google image

Black Rhodium and Hand Engraving Details set This Design Apart.


Your Ring’s Beauty and Style Depends on This – Your Homework

Your success in designing your engagement ring depends on successfully communicating your taste to your chosen jeweler.


Three Diamond Ring shown from the side with square shank

This Custom Ring Shows a Squared Shank and Hand Engraving in the Crown Portion of the Ring.

When I’m called by a client who wants to design an engagement or wedding ring, I give them the homework of copying images on paper that show the kinds of details they love.

They’ll usually use arrows to highlight the style concepts they like.

In this post I’ll share the 10 Steps – How to Copy Pictures From Google Images.

Calla Gold Jewelry Engagment ring with cushion cut diamond

Erica’s Young Hand Looks Delicate and Beautiful in Her Thin Shank Engagement Ring

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This post with the ten steps of how to copy picture from Google Images is a follow up to my earlier post How Google Images Can Help You Design Your Wedding Ring. After sending the steps I’ll share as a word document to a number of brides to be, I decided to make it public.

Creating Your Dream Ring File

Cushion Cut Diamond in a Halo Setting

The Halo Around this Cushion Cut Center Diamond adds Size and Highlights the Beautiful Shape.

It’s great to have all your ideas printed out in a folder and organized for your visit to your jeweler. One of the ways to create a printed out file of those design details is to use Google Images.

If you bring to your jewelry design appointment  a folder with pictures of details you like, you are way ahead of the average engagement ring shopper.

I’ve been asked many times how to do this homework step-by-step. In this post I’ll put in one place the steps I’ve shared many times with the brides-to-be that I work with.

Wedding ring with rows of pave leading to three main diamonds by Calla Gold Jewelry

This Design was Dreamed up to Use Deana’s Existing Three Diamonds. The Center Diamond is Set With a Semi-Bezel.

If You Use Pinterest

If you are a Pinterest user, and have wedding ring images on Pinterest you can still use most of the steps below to print them out. Just create your dream ring pin board.

Then print them out and draw and write on the print outs.

Examples of Pics You Might Like


Calla Gold Jewelry designed ring

My Client Found Floral Images That We Used to Create this Domed Band to Go With Her 4 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

Check out my Calla Gold Jewelry – Pinterest page with wedding rings.

Notice that I show a lot of side-on views showing the details that are under the center diamond. I pin details to answer a question like;

  1. Is the diamonds culet revealed,
  2. Is there carved through or filigree detail,
  3. Are tiny diamonds worked into the basket setting,
  4. Is there hand engraving detailing or is the side wall modern smooth and shiny?
Three diamond ring with filigree side view

This is the Side On View. This Shows a View People Frequently Forget to Plan For. Oh Fun, You Can Add Little Diamonds, Hand Engraving and Open Work.

 Ten Questions to Ask Yourself About Jewelry Design

Ask yourself each of the questions below and find example details that suggest your taste. Be sure to get at least one example image for each of these questions.

  1. How wide do you want your ring?
  2. What kind of artistic side details speak to you?
  3. What setting styles do you gravitate toward for your center diamond?
  4. What setting styles do you like for your side diamonds?
  5. What types of groupings of little side diamonds do you like?
  6. Rose Gold With Hand Engraving and Black Rhodium Wedding Band

    An Example of Norwegian Rosemaling Engraving. Kira Found Wood Cuts of This Style for Her Photo Homework

    Does a tapering side view of a ring grab you?

  7. Or do you prefer the same width all the way around?
  8. What kind of engraved looks do you like?
  9. Are there finishes like hammering, matte finish or antiquing that you really like?
  10. What details do you like under your main diamonds? The side-on view.


10 Steps – How to Copy Pictures From Google Images

1) go to Google.

2) Wait for the upper screen choices to load, like maps etc, then click “images.”

3) Now go to the search window and type in variations like, “diamond engagement rings”, “wedding sets”, “designer wedding rings” etc. Pinch the Google page shut for a sec into your tool bar.

4) Open a blank word doc and save as “Wedding ring pics.”

5) Pinch it shut in your toolbar, so you can toggle easily from the Google images found to your word doc.

6) Click back to your Google image search page. Pick an image you like on Google, right click on it, click “copy”

7) Go to your word doc and right click.

8) Click “paste.”

9) In a perfect world your image is pasted to this word doc now.

10) If at first you don’t succeed try again with a little tweak or pick another picture.

Engagment Ring With Princess Cut Diamond and Cathedral Semi-Channel Setting

This Design Allowed us to Protect Cathy’s Princess Cut Diamond and Give Her a Two Toned Pop. The Fancy Cut Diamonds Appealed to the Artist in Her.

Make Your Folder of Images

Print out the images you saved onto your word docs or other computer file. Use a red pen to draw arrows to design elements you like and write notes.

I believe there is a jewelry designer in each one of us. Give yourself the gift of designing your own unique wedding rings!

Your Personal Jeweler,

6 thoughts on “How To Copy Engagement Ring Pictures From Google Images

  1. Calla, I love how empowering your posts are! You always focus on educating your readers. This post is no different. You gave people the highlights of how to go about finding just the images they need to articulate their engagement ring taste.
    This would seem to help them focus on what details they want in engagement and wedding rings, so that they can then more easily share their ideas with you!
    It’s so smart for any jewelry designing really. Google Images here I come!

    • Dear Linda,
      Yup, you just made my day. Thanks for coming by and letting me know what you think of this information!
      Designing Jeweler,

  2. Your post is pretty good! Jewelry design is not a hard thing, it just takes patience and confidence and doing some homework to bridge your vision with the real world. The details you provide are useful for those jewelry lovers looking to design their own rings.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas very much.

    • Hello Joanne,
      I’m glad you came by and I appreciate your words of encouragement that others who read this post will see. I think there is a jewelry designer in each one of us. Hopefully this post helps more of them bridge that gap between dreams and the real world.
      Jewelry Designer,
      Calla Gold

  3. Calla, thank you for this post! Coming from somebody who is one to ask A TON of questions when it comes to purchasing a big ticket item, I cannot tell you how helpful this post is. And considering I am not extremely tech-savvy, the final 10 steps you gave were very helpful again. Thanks again Calla, keep the posts coming!!

    • Dear Linda,
      I loved your comment. My youthful assistant felt that perhaps it was too much specific information and most people would know how to do it. Au contraire said I, this is not easy for those older than the computer savvy generation.
      Now after reading what you wrote, I feel all smiley.

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