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Elizabeth Taylor – What Record Setting Jewelry Sale Means to Many Jewelers

By Calla Gold

La Peregrina, Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor wearing her breathtaking necklace with La Peregrina, the 35mm pearl that once belonging to Queen Isabella of Spain

Jeweler’s Have to Start Somewhere With Their Love Affair With Jewelry

Elizabeth Taylor was an icon of fashion, romance, excess and real Hollywood glamour.

She was this Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer‘s inspiration to love jewelry. I love horses and I became a fan of hers when I saw “National Velvet.”

From that time as a little horse-loving-girl, I loved her and was fascinated by her gems.

The Gravity Defying Auction Prices of Her Jewelry Collection

Seeing how her gems are selling far in excess of their appraised value warms my heart. How do you appraise the value of Elizabeth Taylor loving and wearing these gorgeous pieces of Jewelry? You don’t, you watch the magic of bidding and it tells you she was loved.

Who Wouldn’t Want to be Given a Piece of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry?

Like Wallis Simpson before her, (whose Duchess of Windsor Jewelry Collection sold for $50.3 Million,) Elizabeth Taylor was not a private person, but a much loved public personality.

Many of us loved her and that love has been shown at this auction with the mind blowing prices paid for her jewelry. Her Jewelry collection sold at Christie’s for $137.2 Million.

Her Generosity Lives On 

Elizabeth Taylor is giving some of the proceeds to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. The fact that she used her position to be one of the first people to focus national attention on the need for more research is another reason to love her. Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels will live on in memory of her.

Elizabeth Taylor Elevated the Jewelry Love Gift

Thank you Elizabeth for being an icon of beauty and a lover of jewelry. Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you for connecting a generation of girls to women to their jewelry and making them feel Hollywood Movie Star fabulous when their husbands give them a special piece of jewelry.

For more on the auction see Article 1 and Article 2


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor – What Record Setting Jewelry Sale Means to Many Jewelers

  1. Thanks for sharing how Elizabeth Taylor has been a life-long inspiration for Calla Gold Personal Jeweler! She was an over-the-top personality, with over-the-top jewelry and a big heart and generosity to match. That is a pretty unbeatable combination!
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

    • Lynn,
      I loved sharing how Elizabeth Taylor inspired me and I’m so glad you liked that.
      She was one of a kind.
      As a Jeweler, I feel she did Jewelry-kind a huge favor by loving jewelry so publicly.
      Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor.
      Your Jeweler in my Dreams,
      Calla Gold

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