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Wear it Don’t Warehouse it: One Inherited Ring Redesign Makes a New Jewelry Wardrobe

By Calla Gold

Empty mounting for cocktail ring

Two Views of the Big Cocktail Ring, Partially Plundered

A Funny Story About An Inherited Ring Redesign

Marcia, (names changed to protect the lucky) inherited a very large, very ‘yesterday,’ super dressy cocktail ring. It sat unworn and overwhelmingly alone in a safe deposit box; an inherited ring’s   idea of Hell.

Happily she met her Santa Barbara Jeweler, me, Calla Gold and we had some serious fun with that cocktail inherited ring redesign.

Slide pendant with triangular diamond surrounded by rubies

The Center Triangular Diamond Became a Simple and Casual Slide Pendant

But First It Started With a Broken String of Pearls

While doing a backlog of jewelry repairs, I mentioned to Marcia my passion for making new jewelry using inherited and unworn jewelry.

“Boy have I got a ring to show you!” She grinned and almost cackled. “You won’t believe it!”

“When can I come see this paragon of unbelievability?” I was pretty excited.

“When you get my repairs done.” Sweet smile. “Ha!”

Emerald and diamond pendant

Three of the Emeralds Became a Daily Wear Pendant

Needless to say all her repairs were done pronto!

“Show me the ring!”

“Show me the repairs!”

“Cruel woman!”

“Deal with it!”

Did I tell you she’s super funny? Anyway she shows me this inherited ring out of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not jewelry box. There were tons of diamonds, some emeralds and some sapphires. With different sizes and shapes and qualities all on this one huge, enormous, gigantic, did I mention it was big? Ring!

White gold and Marquis and round diamond heart pendant

Check This Awesome Graduated Marquis and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Heart Pendant

Guessing How This Ring Came to Be

I’m thinking toward the end of Marcia’s Grandma’s life, some relative said, “you’re going to the old folks home now Grandma and we’ll take care of your jewelry, but you can take one ring.” So she loaded all her favorite gems onto one ring!

Feeling the Love For Grandma

Marcia wanted to make a necklace for her daughter Taylor and so we started to take apart the ring. Multiple pendants and earrings later we used up all the gems. It was so much fun.

White Gold and Sapphire and Diamond Earrings and Pendant

We Made This Cool and Flexible Earring and Pendant Set From the Many Sapphires and Diamonds

We’re all feeling the love for Grandma now. She’s being talked about, with stories told and that’s what inherited jewelry is for, to prompt thoughts of the giver.

This inherited ring redesign started as an idea and became a gift to a daughter and many daily wear pieces of jewelry. Marcia is loving her new jewelry and that’s making my day!

What About You?

Is there inherited jewelry being warehoused in your life? Break it out, call your Jeweler. Wear it Don’t Warehouse it!

For more examples watch my video, Wear it Don’t Warehouse it!

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

We Made Emerald and Diamond Ear Charms for Her Hoops

Santa Barbara Inheritance Jewelry Redesign Specialist

But if you’re outside of Santa Barbara, I can help you too!

Calla Gold


Yellow Gold Sapphire Ear Charms with Hoops

We Took the Largest of the Sapphires and Made Ear Charms for Her Hoops


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6 thoughts on “Wear it Don’t Warehouse it: One Inherited Ring Redesign Makes a New Jewelry Wardrobe

    • Diane,
      I’m glad you liked it. It was a very fun project. She wanted most of her jewelry to be easy and everyday
      casual. It’s great knowing those pieces are getting a lot of wear!
      Calla Gold

  1. It’s so much fun to see our jewelry change and evolve as we do.
    As a Visionary my creative mind is always evolving and my jewelry choices must reflect these changes.
    It’s so empowering to have a redesigned piece that you can fall in love with all over again, that can now vibrate brighter, better, clearer.

    • Geneva, you are quite the visionary and it was such a pleasure to hear how you wanted to re-envision your earlier stage of life jewelry. I enjoyed being part of that transformation and I love your ‘new’ pieces of jewelry!

    • Hi Amy,
      Hmm we might want to talk about that cocktail ring! We could have such fun re-purposing it!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

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