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What is a Personal Jeweler?

A Personal Jeweler visits you by appointment, or for distant clients, by telephone and internet. A Personal Jeweler takes pride in working with clients to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom-designed jewelry.

Calla Gold is such a jeweler and also repairs, restores and re-designs inherited or dated jewelry. Calla also carries a selection of fine jewelry and can help you select the perfect piece.

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Don’t Buy Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands

I’m not going to win any popularity contests in my industry as a wedding ring designing jeweler saying this, but I say: “Don’t buy titanium or tungsten wedding bands.” This topic has received more comments than any other I have…

CZ stone cut in Russia

CZ vs Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Cubic Zirconia is Not the Same as Diamond. Are you Considering a CZ vs diamond as your “Gem” of choice for getting married? Is cubic zirconia on your radar for your engagement ring? You’d save a lot of money…. Do…


White Gold vs Platinum For Wedding Rings – What’s the Difference?

This is my big monster of an article on White Gold vs Platinum. If I haven’t covered it here, check the comments. This post will cover whatever it is you want to know about gold or platinum.  I’ve covered why…


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