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Carol loved her Tsavorite and Diamond ring, but over time it lost its luster, lost a diamond, and the gold was worn and scratched. She came to Calla Gold for ring repair. Calla rescued the ring with TLC, and now Carol has fallen back in love with this gorgeous, unique jewelry piece.


Calla Gold Jewelry expertly transforms your broken or un-wearable jewelry pieces so you can enjoy them again. Whether you have a broken clasp or a mis-sized wedding ring, Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold can revive the pieces you once loved. Contact Calla Gold today.

As your Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler, Calla Gold works with you one-on-one to repair jewelry or rethink jewelry that is un-wearable or under loved. There are many ways Calla has already transformed dated designs through simple changes into beloved new pieces. Have you got a candidate? » What is a Personal Jeweler?

Jewelry Repair

Diamonds may last forever, but jewelry pieces – like people – need loving attention throughout their lifetime. Calla Gold Jewelry can repair broken jewelry and return it to its original glory. As your Personal Jeweler, Calla can help repair broken clasps, restring pearls, fix a broken ring, replace a missing gem, or anything to get you wearing your jewelry again.

Pearl Restringing

As pearls are unique, they require special care. Even good, white, silk stringing string wears out over time. Knots eventually stretch out, abrade, fade, and get dirty. Let Calla Gold restring your pearls with new white knots next to your pearls. Restringing will secure your precious little gemstones, and the contrast enhances their beauty. » Read: Pearls Must Be Knotted on Calla’s blog.

Clasp Repair

Calla Gold can repair a broken clasp on your favorite pieces of jewelry so you can wear those gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, and treasured pieces again. As your personal Santa Barbara jeweler, Calla Gold will come to you for jewelry repair services.


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15 thoughts on “Repair

  1. I was wondering if you can fix a old silver ring i have the pieces except for one small piece. It was a ring my dad gave me 25 years ago and it means the world to me. I can’t find anyone who would fix it. Please contact me. I can send pictures to show you.

  2. hello
    the stones on my engegement ring fell i have one of the stone was wondering if you can fix it. i love this ring its killing me that i cant wear it. i can send pictures as per request

  3. Hello, I have a ring that ended up in the garbage disposal and has lost both its diamonds. It’s a promise ring that my husband gave me 10 years ago and it’s killing me that I can’t wear it. Is there anything we would be able to do with it?

  4. Brenda Chandler on June 21, 2017
    I have a ring I love to wear, but it needs to be re-rodium plated. Can you make this repair?

  5. Hello I have an 18k plated ring that my grandmother gave to me and I am really wanting to be able to use it for my own engagement ring. Would you be able to replate it? Maybe to a white gold look.

    • Hi Patricia,
      I regularly rhodium plate white items that have been yellow. Since this is a plated item I would recommend against using it as an engagement, daily wear ring. This advice is assuming that the ring is plated because the metal underneath is base metal and not gold or platinum.
      Costume jewelry and the metal it is made of does not hold up well to daily wear. No matter how much it means and how much we love the style, it will break down. Have you considered having a real white gold replica made of this ring she gave you? We have done this a number of times in the past and it is a viable solution to creating a daily wear ring and keeping intact the loving connection to the previous piece.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  6. I repair and rejevenate antique hatpins, many have faux pearls 100 yrs old. Is there any way to repair the faux exterior with a material that will look close to the original, or fix some peeling with some kind of composite. This is wholly for cosmetic purposes and used for display.

    • Hello Vicki,
      When I work on vintage and antique jewelry with seed pearls whether real or faux I use real pearls to do the replacement. I have found no one who supplies the tiny pearls in fake. I know of no liquid or material to fix the surface of older faux pearls.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  7. My wedding ring is getting worn on the back of the ring. Can you build up the band more.

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